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Friday, December 7, 2012

Update: Obsidian Apocalypse, zombie hordes and invid

This week has just been crazy for me. Real work has been crazy - I won't go over the details. Suffice to say that I have put a lot of hours.

To add to that the work I have to do for NeoExodus results in my having very little free time. I have so many projects going on at once: NeoExodus Legacies (3 adventures in the works), finishing adventures that came back from the editor, doing some work on Obsidian Apocalypse and trying to fit in my family into that.

I have been thinking a lot about Obsidian Apocalypse lately. I had ideas on how to build a cool and unique campaign out of it. I'll get LPJ to scream but to me, what I love about Obsidian Apocalypse and why I wanted to be part of the project was because in some way I see this a fantasy version of "The Walking Dead". Survival horror against endless hordes of dead is unique and extremely fun. For the same reason that I love the Robotech setting "Invid Invasion" (set before the "Return of the Invid crap"): everything you own is valuable and you have to find a way to get more stuff. I kid you not, I did look at my Palladium books for extra inspiration...

As a side project, I've been thinking about running a Robotech one-shot recently... I would be very interesting to revisit all my old Robotech material. I really loved that game... The rules could be improved on - and simplified to be less early-80s static, but the basic mechanics work well enough.

Ah... what a trip down memory lane!

But that is not what I've been doing. Maybe one day you will get a link to the adventure. Maybe. *sigh*

I submitted a template for OA undead a few months back as part of the Monster Contest (what do you mean you didn't participate!?) The template I provided tried to explain why a few high-level clerics would not channel the problem of the zombie hordes away. But it actually makes for cool story potential too.

I also tried to come up with some ways to do things other than what you usually see in Pathfinder/ D&D. Really make for a unique way to have replacement characters. After all in OA, you can't simply "walk into a bar and meet a mysterious elf who is looking for work."

What did I put in there? You'll have to wait for the book! I think that book will be SWEET!


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