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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tales from the Auction: Khador Warjacks Galore

Today a mob of Khador warjacks!

The First One is a Beast-09 wanna be. I got this guy already painted with textured paint and all. Though I originally planned on stripping it, the paint job is pretty good, so I kept it and plan to use it as Beast-09.

Next is a slightly-converted Destroyer. I had a spare cannon I played with, so I had to be a little creative to make is stick. It was originally a juggernaut, but I wanted some variety...

Finally three juggernauts.

Not shown on the pictures,I used some pseudo-Russo-Soviet writing to "name" the Destroyer and the Juggernauts with code numbers based on the countries of the old Iron Curtain: HUN, CZE, POL, etc. This differentiates the 5 juggernauts that I have... (the 5th one was posted here, back in January of 2012)...

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