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Friday, March 25, 2011

On the painting table

As I am waiting for my Warmachine and Doctor Who minis to come in, I have begun to work on a few miniatures I've been meaning to do for a while now. Among those, I have Crocodile Games' Goblin pyros, Reaper's Pathfinder Goblins, but also a few characters, which I hope to sell. These PCs include 5 Samurai (three from Reaper's Classic Samurai set and two remnants of my Clan War set), two pirate ladies and two spell casters.

I will be posting pictures here when done.

As of last night, the goblins received a first coat of paint and were dipped. Now I have to go over them a second time to add accent, put on finishing touches like eyes and other details. Should be good fun to complete!

The characters have some paint... mostly skin. I modeled some sashimonos on the Samurais just because... well sashimonos are cool!

I'll post some pics once the minis are dry and done.


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