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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Doctor is finally in!

YEAH! I won a few Doctor Who miniatures that I can use in upcoming game days here in Colorado Springs. My collection includes: The First Doctor (Hartnell), the Second Doctor (Troughton) and the recently passed away Brigadier.

If you did not know, I have been re-watching the old Doctor's episodes from Hartnell through McCoy. I watched the early Pertwee and have found a source of Hartnell. Thus far, I think Hartnell is one of the top Doctors, his stories are very entertaining. I can't wait to watch more of them!

Now the question becomes... what do I do with the minis???

Okay painting them is a given. Now I need to come up with a fun adventure! hummm... There is a coming City-Wide Game Day coming in May. A few additional episodes of the Doctor might be... well... just what the doctor ordered! I also have four Daleks. Seems like an interesting story just waiting to unfold!



Farewell Brigadier
You will live on... as a mini


  1. Got myself some plastic daleks but nothing else yet.

  2. I got some too... they seem to come from a board game. They are the correct height to be included with 25/28mm minis... They are a gold/ochre/brass yellowy color. I haven't painted them yet because I don't know if I want to paint them black, white or any other color.