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Monday, October 5, 2009

OurRealms: Better than Expected!!!

OurRealms has come and gone. OurRealms was an all-Saturday madness that brought together around 30 different players around a total of 9 full (and sometimes more than full) tables where 5 local DMs showcased their creations. The DMs were Rich Clark, Timmy! Creese, James Hicks, Linda Weygant and me. A particular shout-out to Linda who really saved my butt by coming up with her adventure at the last minute.

Between searching for lost treasures, exploring old mines and busting pirates, the vibe was very positive. Cries of "Everyone is bloody" and "Those are way tougher than regular adventures” were heard many, many times. Ahhhh music to an organizer’s ears… Nothing sweeter than the sound of PCs crying out in pain! Makes me feel all nice and fuzzy!

The games ran in the allotted time slots (which saved my own butt once) and players were on-time (for that, I commend you all for being on-time). Because of the very tight time-limits we had, timeliness was but one of my worries. Food was cheap and plenty.

Finally, I must thank Rob & Troy of the Gamers’ Haven for the venue. Much appreciated guys! And to Terri who closed the store and had to listen to the many tales of adventure… Thank you again.

So there it is… OurRealms is done… Maybe next year? We’ll see. Now I have to get back to editing…

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