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Friday, October 2, 2009

Pre-Event Jitters: OurRealms

Anyone who organized events bigger than a single table knows what I’m talking about: Pre-event jitters. Like a singer or athlete feels just before their performance or event, I am now a nervous wreck. You know, when you walked to the end of the 30ft diving platform and though you KNEW you should not look down, you did anyway. I am now standing on that platform looking down. I guess I should try and relax some, but I pride myself in associating my name to events now fondly remembered by people. Make it right, make it big, and make it awesome.

The jitters aren’t all bad. I mean they get me going. They are an extra jolt of adrenaline to keep me on my toes and trying to preview issues before they happen. I have always been a firm believer in the old saying "If you build it, they will come." and once again pre-registration have proven that there is interest in my wacky ideas.

Now is the time where the train is steaming full speed into the unknown and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The many pitfalls, obstacles and snags are still up ahead, but by now, things crash and burn OR jump over the obstacles. There is a certain serenity one feels when an event reaches that stage. A certain feel of release. I have prepared almost everything I need to the best of my ability. Things are now in the hands of the DMs and the players…

Under that blanket of calm is a teaming, bubbling sea of worry. Will all my GM show up? Will they all be on-time? How many walk-ins are we going to have? Will there be a lot of no-shows? Do I have enough sodas? What will the noise-level be like? How will people like the game day? Is every DM ready to go? Did they forget to mention something important? OH God, please don’t let me be that one guy who forgets to shower! (note to self: don’t be that guy) Note to reader: don’t be that guy. Do I have enough certs? Enough tracking sheets? Should I bring extra battle-mats? Should I bring pens & other writing implements and materials? Argh! So little time.

A poetic view to basically say “You’ve done pretty much all you could. Things go forward from now on for better or worse!” and "Plan for the worse, hope for the best…" Trying to be objective (which rarely am if you read this blog with any measure of frequency), I’m pretty sure that things will go off as well as they could.

In the end it is about mixing 2 things together: Gamers and Games.

Dear readers, I will see you on Monday.


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