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Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Realms is almost here!

This Saturday, October 3rd, the first OurRealms game day will take place. Run by well-known DMs from the Denver & Colorado Springs region, such as Rich Clark, Timmy Creese, James Hicks, Bill Wimsatt and myself. (Shout out to you guys).

It’s been a few months already since I first came up with an idea for an all-MyRealms game day. I approached my good friend Lenny with the idea hoping that he would agree to organize the day... He told me to "Git R Done" (not in those words, but that’s what it meant.

I am not an organizer, for all I’m worth I do not like organizing bigger events. I have difficulty getting things going. Now I have done a few of them, but I still prefer to let those with better organizational skills do the legwork.

I have a lot to do before Saturday comes around: print the rewards, print my own adventure, prepare the terrain for my own adventure (now you know I have special terrain) and then get the soda and coffee pots ready to go... I’m pretty excited about that whole day.

I spoke to Rob at the Gamers’ Haven (where the event is taking place). We are covered for playing room and could expand a little if need be.

With everything falling into place at this time, things are looking good. And I am quite happy of the assistance I had from my DMs and the staff of the ‘Haven (as usual, they have been great to deal with).

What am I most worried about at this time?

  1. No-Show DM. Seriously that is my greatest fear with this game day. The unfortunate randomness of real life could really hurt the game day. In my planning, I have tried to give each DM one slot off so that he could play at least one slot (my own free slot will be used to get food in and other organizational things). With that "Free Slot", that means I could potentially get to pull one extra DM if need be.
  2. The timeframe we have for this day is going to be very limited and tights. So everything must click correctly from the get-go. For this, I must rely on my DMs to run their adventure(s) in a little under four hours. Knowing they are experienced fellows, I have little doubt that it will be fine.
  3. No-Shows and Late-Shows because waiting on people will not be possible due to the tight schedule. Late-show will be told to wait for the next slot, unless a DM agrees to take them on. I cannot stand the late-shows attitude that since they deigned to grace us with their presence, they must be shown to a table immediately.
  4. Walk-ins could present another issue. They are greatly appreciated and are most welcomed. This time however, I do have a finite number of seats and will not ask any of my DMs (or myself) to run tables of 12. Those are NO fun for the players and even less for the DM.

If you are interested in playing in Our Realms, I strongly recommend you pre-register using the warhorn site at There are still a number of seats available (but they are going fast).

Now... I’m going to return to my worrying about everything!


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