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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Four Questions: Working down the list

Here is where you put it all together. At one point or another you will need to answer the following four basic questions. Here, you take your first idea through internal questioning and answer everything one small bite at a time.

  • Who are the PCs?
  • Who is the villain?
  • How does the adventure start?
  • What is the planned finale?

    Putting it together

    Let me work this through one of the above example into an example.

    The Romulan High Command has ordered a task force to destroy a remote Federation outpost. The outpost is vital to the Federation because of its Dilithium mines (who the villains are).

    The adventure starts with the Romulans bombarding the outpost defenses and communication arrays from space while the PCs are away from the outpost (Introduction).

    The PCs are Federation officers who are on a mission to study mineral properties of the planet and see if it can be used in starship design. (Who the PCs are)

    The adventure ends with the PCs beaming up to the Romulan ship and either disabling it or contacting the Federation for assistance (Conclusion).

    I don’t want to be very precise with this because I want the PCs to have latitude regarding the ending of the adventure. But in the end, the PCs must find some way to stop the Romulan plan.

    The middle part is still fuzzy but I have a good idea of what is happening in the adventure and with whom.

    A twist you ask? Well maybe one of the Federation NPC is a Romulan who does not want the destruction of the outpost. At a critical time, his true nature is revealed. How do the PCs react to him? What if the PCs receive help from a Federation spy on-board the Romulan ship?

    Who are the PCs, who are their opponents, how to start and how to end...


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