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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moonshae Isles Year 2... An Overview

Well... it took me a good few weeks to sort out everything I needed to come up with the Year 2 Moonshae Storyline... Wasn’t it easy but finally, I got it going. I cannot take all the credit as I received valuable feedback from the authors of MOON2-1 though MOON2-5. I know, I know, the bonus round is not assigned yet, but I have no intention of not getting it. It is a matter of pride. After all, since I took over the plots/ storyline position in Tusmit in 2004, my region ALWAYS managed to come up with all of its adventures, and usually more.

The Moonshaes will not be that exception. The authors are all very anxious to start on this new year, as am I.

So looking at the adventures in front of me and not being able to come up with a final part for a major quest (through a Core or by working with another region), I tried to use my own posts as a guide.

Now before people go barking at the Globals or the other regions about not being willing to help, let me tell you this. Everyone I talked to was very willing to help but has prior engagements. Either the story I was trying to push did not suit them or they did not have adventures of a level-band to make things compatible. Still, we talked and exchanged ideas... Maybe in Year 3.

So back to the storyline! What do you do when you cannot continue on a story? Why... If comic books thought me anything (and they thought me a lot of stuff), is that when the future can’t be changed, change the past!

Okay... Now calm down...

Using my great powers of RetCon (RETroactive CONnection), I began to look back into previous Moonshae adventure for potential links. Since linking to past adventures is, I believe, the best way to create continuity, so I began to look... MOON1-1, MOON1-2, MOON1-3, all the way to MOON2-1 (which as we speak has been at HQ for over a month for review) and a strange pattern began to emerge. Not immediately obvious, but something that was hiding behind the obvious trees...

So I sat down and began to play with my web of storylines and ideas... Looked at my pool of authors and tried to come up with something that would surprise you (the players) more than a little...

So next year, we will have a major quest unofficially called "Giants of Oman" or "To Oman and back". The first part of the quest will be EITHER MOON1-3 Black Gold, MOON1-5 Lost Love, MOON2-3 Title TBA or even BALD2-1 Lost Hope (Working Title). So, in any one of those adventure you might get a reward that counts as the first part of the quest. MOON2-2 will really get you out there and have you confront the problem facing the Moonshaes. MOON2-4 is the culmination of the story.

I heard a lot of people saying that adventures in LFR had no bearing on the world. Well, this story WILL have an impact on the Moonshaes and YOU (the players) will get to be the ones who decide what happens! I always believed that LFR gains by imposing choices upon the players that cannot be resolved by a simple roll of the dice. Well be prepared to make a choice!

To give you a quick overview of the current plan, here is the breakdown of the adventure locations.

  • MOON2-1 is set on Moray. Although not part of a quest and stand-alone, those who have played MOON1-2 The Sea Drake might find it interesting (wink wink).
  • MOON2-2 is set on Oman. Part 2 of the Major Quest
  • MOON2-3 is set on Alaron. Could be another starting point into a major quest
  • MOON2-4 is set in a number of places... most of them distasteful and bad for you. It is the conclusion of the Major Quest.
  • MOON2-5 is set on Flamsterd island (it’s not in the 4e book... you’ll have to look at an older source to see who Flamsterd is and where the island is located).

    Finally, MOON2-2 and MOON2-4 will have the "elf-intro" that was discussed on the Moonshae Yahoogroup some time ago. I am quite interested in seeing how this play out. Yes, I know they are both high-level adventures. No, I will not change my plan because of that.

    I would really like to set an adventure or two on Gwynneth in Year 3, but I need to wait and see what our level range will be before making any plans.

    Again... everything I post is subject to change without notice (and most likely already has by the time you read this. It is intended to give all of you a small taste of what is coming down the pipe for us.


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