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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Sailing Ships of Olympia: Scratch-Built Ship for D&D

I built three ships in one Sunfay afternoon using cardboard and a variety of other materials I had on hand. These include popsicle and candy sticks. I did not set out to make them overly different but each has its own charm.

The masts were added later. Why? Because I was building to a general idea and I only thought of adding masts after all was done. Magnets to the rescue!

One of them has the Victory of Sam thrice as a its prow decoration.

My goal with these ships was more to focus on the gaming functionality that the accuracy

But JP, what about the prow ram, I know you will ask. Simply these are not warships but trading vessels.

They will be used in the Gencon special named Re-leash the Kraken.

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