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Saturday, December 10, 2022

[Release] Races of the Planes: Rogue Modron

While writing Witches of Pikemaster I came up with the entry for the Rogue Modron. Modrons are automaton creatures of ultimate law. However, sometimes, one of them go "wrong" and begin to think for itself. Whatever the event, they become pariahs among their people and hunted down to be killed on-site. Luckily, modrons are rare in most places.

One of the main inspiration for this race came from MedievalKyte's awesome art. I mean that little monodrone just looks so cute. I mean, who would not want to take it with them on an adventure?

This small product is meant to create some truly unique characters that will add spice to any group.

When a modron faces something that challenges its view of the world, its mind shatters and opens to a broader reality. With such revelations, they become rogue modrons. For the rest of their lives, rogue modrons travel the multiverse seeking the meaning of life through a long string of adventures.

This book allows you to create a rogue modron for your games. Includes a new race and a new feat for your rogue modron character.

Want to get it for 50% off? Races of the Planes: Rogue Modron has been added to the FOE Character Option Bundle, giving you access to new character races, such as the Githzerai, the Princesses, and the Rogue Modron. A lot of goodies! And if you bought some already, you may actually get it for free or almost free! Check it out.

This product is now available on the DM's Guild.

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