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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Crocodile Games Rock: A Shout-out

In case you don't know, I've been a HUGE fan of Crocodile Games for well over a decade now. From the moment I saw them at Genghis Con in 2007 or 2008 (can't remember, it was before the blog!) and I bought two armies from them (the Basti and the Sebekites (which I still have scattered in my stash))

When I started working on Akhamet, I won't lie and say that having miniatures that could be used to represent characters and enemies was a huge factor in helping me come up with the idea and develop the setting. Plus, I mean... their sculpts are fantastic and super easy to paint, even for someone of simple skills, like myself. Without having to do too many conversions...#Winning.

So on to the reason for this post...

Back at Gencon 2019, I purchased a number of models from Crocodile Games. They included 4 Tethru (Thoth-headed people), which all of us know appear in the Akhamet Player's Guide.

Coming home, I put the models on my stash and left them there for a few months. It was October when I decided to open them, build them and paint them.

Imagine my deception when I realized none of the heads were there! Now I saw the heads, and the lady showed them to me when we packaged them. So they must've fallen! I had four headless models!

Since I had no reason to hurry, I resolved to contact them closer to Gencon 2020 and get the heads there...


Gencon 2020...

I hoped to see them at the show in 2021, but they weren't present.

I despaired and moved on... Until a few days ago, I contacted them again. Before I was able to ask them, if they could bring the heads at Gencon, Fitz offered to send them to me by mail! I was impressed and happy!

Earlier this week, I received an enveloppe from CG. I placed it on top of my painting table and left it there while I continued my week. Then last night, as I needed to get away from the computer, I decided to open my mailed minis and revel in the awesome.

I opened the package and saw there was a model in there... WTF? I asked myself. A Basti gamer! They got me right! And the four heads! They sent me a free model too! Great service!

I built them up and am currently waiting for the primer to dry! (That and finishing my work day). I had to write this because I was pleasantly surprised and super happy.

You know who will not be happy about this?

My wallet in the Crocodile Games booth at Gencon...


I'll leave you with just a few more CG minis I painted before... Just 'cuz.

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