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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Gencon 2019 AAR Part 3 Rokugan and Hatred

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Saturday was my play-day. After waiting a whole year, I got to play another Heroes of Rokugan.

This campaign is in the middle of a big story arc, one I am enjoying quite a lot with my little crane. She has serious flaws, but she has worked hard to work around them. Doji Haruhime promotes peace and the benefits of civilization such as origami, cleanliness, floral arrangements (ikebana), and pursuits that encourages quiet time. Her quirks makes her interesting to play.

The second game slot left me two hours of free time. What to do... DEALER HALL!

I walked over, roamed almost randomly. Spoke with the PCI guys before moving on to a place I have to avoid... The Crocodile Games booth. Like a kid in a candy store, I wnet through their goodies, their many goodies. I will post later about this.

On my way back, I met some of the lads from the Nashville PFS group. We chatted a little and I noticed they bought Arcanis. Cool! Maybe get to play more of it here in the area...

The final event of the day was a LARP/interactive event. Now I am not really super-excited about those because it always hinges on a few people and frankly, they just aren't my thing. But once a year...

The usual tropes happened: we argued over some foible. However, this time, there was a big change with an announcement that changed the face of the event, with the Crane claiming a big treasure. After that it returned to the same.

One player provided a side plot regarding poetry. Right up Haruhime's alley! Then as someone who seeks to mend fences and sponsor friendship, I joined forces with a pair of Lion Samurai.

Well... we won this competition after a very challenging playoff. Winning was fun, and I got to receive my winning, a massive fan painted by a Hantei painter. With me? The Daimyo of the Daidoji family. What a major honor for me!

I was pretty happy about my participation. So much so that next time, I believe I will propose participation in a side-quest like this for those who, like me, aren't too keen on the large-scale politics.


Final day.

I survived thus far, still had a voice and was super excited to get things done. After my panicked writing, this was the time to see how it worked.

I was super happy that Derek-R was present at the table. He is the gaming overlord from Conglomeration in Louisville.

So, in spite of my great worries, the final version was pretty good and flowed naturally. It introduced the elements of the Greek setting-to-be without delving too deeply into it. This adventure was the sequel to Death in Anupolis, which some players did on Thursday!

The hatred of the product I felt for all five previous versions paid off as the final product played smoothly, particularly in parts where previous drafts died, namely during the ship and crew interaction and the ogre village. It was much smoother and less forced.

The adventure went well and everyone left happy. It also let me know that there was more work to be done.

I returned to the dealer hall with Will, returning to Crocodile Games where I talked with Chris some more. Again, at a later date.

Gencon for me and Will was over. It had been a great one. I was really excited. Tired, but excited.

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