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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Writer Blues




I haven't been posting much for a number of reasons.

My Day Job was affected by many, many factors, which led to a many changes. Changes can be scary, but they are also invigorating. Many of the great people left the team. I was named Team/Tech Lead. Long hours, a lot of hard work, and getting up to speed with a lot of new technologies. Still, losing great people hurts and affects motivation.

I have been writing a lot of material: I completed one adventure and one sourcebook for Akhamet, working on another, and have a skeleton for the yearly special for Rhym at Conglomeration. I won't say any of it was easy, they were labors of hard work over riding the easy street of inspiration. As other writers will tell you, the hard work lead to a product that forms itself. I started wanting to write one thing, and they evolved into something else, something much more interesting than what I originally planned, I will say.

I hate the month of March... it is a time where I feel blue and depressed. I don't know why but as March drags on into April, I find my motivation to do stuff more and more difficult. By now, I know it is a yearly fact of life. I just have to get through it.

Not helping: the FOE Patreon is not doing as good as I wanted it to. Doesn't help the motivation. Still, I believe in the products I am producing, so perceverance is the name of the game.

I have been fighting with Amazon about my dwindling stocks of books... I have not been able to get any new physical copies of books, and my supplies are dropping. And dropping fast. Especially after Midsouthcon where I sold quite a few books.

All is not doom and gloom, April is coming and with it, the self-obligations of getting stuff done for Conglomeration, Origins, and Gencon. Nothing to get motivation like deadlines!

I have been running and playing games and having a blast with it. Playing does wonders for the morale! Been playing a lot 5e and some Arcanis.

Also, sales have been pretty good for many of our products: Akhamet and Rhym sell very well, and some products out on DM's Guild are doing pretty good.

British Shark and Blehc have been cranking up great works... Which reminds me, I have stuff to show you in future posts.

March is ending.

The good times are coming...

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