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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

FOE Conglomeration 2019 Adventures

I am happy to say that I plan to return to Conglomeration in Louisville KY again this year. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to run and came up with a program I think will be very interesting.

I will be running games on Saturday and Sunday, leaving me time to play on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Mummy of Prince Tsubeteb by JP Chapleau
Prince Tsupeteb, one of Pharaoh's favorite sons received the ancient and holy rites of mummification. As such, he needs to be taken to his tomb. The Church of Anubis is looking for brave adventurers to protect the dead prince.
An adventure set in Akhamet

Desert Pearls by JP Chapleau
In eastern Akhamet, local markets flood with desert pearls. An ubasti merchant is gathering an expedition to the depths of the desert where she might be everyone of its members rich. Or dead.
An adventure Set in Akhamet

Wine with a Succubus by JP Chapleau
Last year, adventurers explores the pyramid of the Archmage Yorix and rescued a very attractive girl. A year later, she invites a group of adventurers to a lavish dinner. Intrigue will be served as the main course.
An adventure set in Rhym

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