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Friday, November 30, 2018

Akhamet Iconic Characters

One thing Paizo has done very well was to create and use their iconic character in different scenes for their books. These characters became associated with the brand as its logo and trade dress. That was a very wise choice and something I plan on doing for Akhamet (and for all my other settings).

So without much further ado, here are the six iconic characters for the Akhamet setting. Clicking on the picture of their miniatures will open a bigger version.

These characters we created with material found exclusively in FOE' Akhamet setting, available from DriveThruRPG.


Male Horite Cleric of Pharaoh, Folk Hero
Born to a simple family of brewers, you grew up staring at the majesty of the Sun, amazed and fascinated by its power and glory. You joined the priests of Pharaoh to bring His glory to the common people. To this day, you share a bond with the common folk.


Female Ubasti Wild Sorceress, Wife of Pharaoh
You have always been pretty so when you were married to Pharaoh, you rejoiced in your good fortune. The day after your wedding, your veins filled with newfound. You are curious about magic, its relation to the gods magic, and the many places of power in the world.


Male Sethru Fighter/Bard, Scavenger
Born in the desert, you became a man of many talents, that a glib tongue and the firm application of a weapon were equally useful. You love the idea of getting rich and hire yourself as a scholar and a wandering tutor. What you don’t know, you fake.

Princess Akat

Female Retid-Khemite Paladin, Initiate of the Order of Lost Princes
Born to a disfavored concubine of Pharaoh, you grew up learning from the mummies of the Order of Lost Princes. You became fascinated with death and the Afterlife. Reaching adulthood, you joined the Church of Anubis as a necropolis guard. You inherited Jackal’s tail from your mother.


Male Khemite Ranger, Sailor
Born on an island on the Endless Sea from a sailor father and a priestess of Khem, you heard the call of the Lady-of-the-Waves from the day you could walk and dreamt of seeing the world. You join Pharaoh’s navy one day when your mother looked the other way. You have been traveling the world since.


Female Gebite Rogue/Wizard
You spent your youth reading about the greatest constructions in Akhamet, the lives of their builders, and the secret side notes left by other in these scrolls. You know how build and repair public works, but also how to break into them. A skill you keep to yourself as you work as an architect and an engineer.

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