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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gencon 2017 AAR Part 1

With another Gencon in the books, it is now time to review its highlights.


Wednesday was perhaps the longest day of the year. With updates from Indy filtering through my phone, and the instant messages letting me know how awesome things were and were people were drinking. If you sent me or posted such an update on that day, then you managed to make my day go on and on...

4:30 rolled in and we discovered a bug in the code. Nothing new, something that has been there for a while, so I was able to leave in spite of it. We had a plan to address it when I'd return, so things were fine.

I go on the road around 5:30 CDT and drove up to Kentucky. I expected rain all the way through, but was only hit with a heavy downpour in the Nashville area.

I slept at the Motel 6 in Indianapolis East. I will simply say this: I didn't pay very much and I got what I paid for.

Sleep was difficult to come by, mostly because I was so excited and could not wait for the con to start.


Morning came and I showered, checked everything once more. My heart raced in my chest as I drove to the JW Marriott. I got there really early (it was barely 7AM when I got to my room and table). I walked the miles to the GM HQ to get my badge, tickets, and all the paperwork I would need.

I was back and set up all my stuff to run my game. It was House Cleaning an adventure that is simple, well at least that's what I thought... However, the players quickly understood the complexities presented to them and why what seemed at first very simple turned out not to be so... I really enjoyed running it.

The second adventure was The Sorrowful Lady. An adventure I wrote with more than a little humor, which when placed into Saggakar becomes a dark farce. Part tragedy, part comedy. It has some highly memorable NPCs therein.

My third and final slot of the day was the special, The Assar Gambit that took the PCs back to the Wastelands - a region a few people visited at Lexicon. I was very anxious to write more about it. I had to strip out some of material out of the Lexicon adventure and used it as the base for this one. The group that came really played into the story. And even went wild on some elements, with PCs playing dirty tricks on each other, with results that will have to be written in the campaign.

One down. I survived and rode high into the second day.

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