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Thursday, November 10, 2016

PostApocalypticon, One-shot Saggakar, Adventure League

Just a short post today... This coming weekend, ActionMan and I are going back to Cleveland TN, for PostApocalypticon. Last year he and I had a lot of fun going there. This year it'll be a little different because I will be running a single adventure. I am running "An Encounter in the Mists", a one-shot adventure set in Saggakar using 5e. This is not a ToS adventure, just a one-shot game.

After that, we will be playing exclusively 5e. Since PFS apparently backed away from the event. Not that I would've done much PFS, but I am surprised to see how the local leadership does not seem interested in participating in such events, instead staying at a smaller event closer to Nashville. Well I'm no longer in charge, but last year PFS ran a number of tables there, being the biggest group there. This year it will be the Adventure League, and also where ActionMan and I will go to play. ActionMan's Sir Patrick does not like my tree-hugging priest...Until I heal him...

We will be playing a bunch of the new stuff for the Storm Giant series. It'll be fun to play together some 5e.


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