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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post-Apocalypticon 2016: AAR

This weekend, ActionMan and I returned to Cleveland TN, just northeast of Chattanooga for Post- Apocalypticon. We both attended last year , which ActionMan thought was his favorite con of the year. Therefore, I made a point of trying to go back for another year.

I contacted the folks from Dicehead games and added a Saggakar event to the program. I thought about creating a unique or premiering an event, but time was short and I have been working on a lot of other things. Instead, I opted for re-heating an old favorite...

We drove to Chattanooga on Friday night, check in to the hotel. All good.

Then my stupid crappy ol' phone decides that it should adapt the alarm to the time zone! I wake up 7:35 and I am running at 8! PANIC!!! ActionMan and I get up, get dressed, pack the car and fly to Dicehead Games. Run inside and manage to set up just in time for the game. 8:02!

I ran the dungeon portion of "Encounter at Ramat Bridge" but set it in Saggakar. It was fun to revisit that old classic, which I hadn't run in well over two years now, perhaps even three... Time flies! The simplified version was still as fun as the original.

The game done, we mustered into some of the new Storm King stuff. I am quite happy to see they give out more XP than the Ravenloft season.

The game done, we took part in the Iron Baron special. Now I was very impressed. IT WAS TOUGH! Just like special should be. What a complete difference to the PFS specials. I felt challenged and the plot seem to plan for an actual, possible failure, and interaction between tables. That was great! We went to the brink of disaster, with most of the table out of spells, unconscious and dying to owning through assistance from others.

I really had a blast, and ActionMan was a true superstar at our table... He rocked it.

After that, I opted to skip the late slot, to let the boy sleep, it was his bedtime. We turned in, after watching the Nashville Predators on TV.

Sunday morning, the alarm did go off at the expected time. We ate and got to the game on-time and without issue. More Storm King games played.

That was it. We were done, time for a nice afternoon drive home.


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