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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rhym: New Setting for 5e

I have not been posting much about gamnig these days, and that pains me. However, I have not been idle all this time.

For those of you who do not know, I am working with a new writer on a new setting called Rhym (pron Reim). Rhym is a traditional setting designed for 5th edition, though it can easily be adapted for any game system.

The writer and I got together a second time at Imaginareum in Louisville a few weeks back where we addressed a number of thing we had to do. There's still a lot to do. Which means I drain all my free time into editing and expanding what we have.

Doing this reminds me a lot of the work I did for LPJ to bring NeoExodus into a coherent whole. For Rhym, there is coherence already, but I need to add a few tidbits of history, add fantastical elements, modify things that don't feel right. It's a lot of work and one that is very time consuming. But something I am very much excited to do.

The final size of the Rhym Campaign setting may reach 150 pages! There is still so much to do before I can release it. I originally thought of releasing around Thanksgiving, but it won't happen. I want this to be great and that means it'll take time.

The Question on everyone's mind and one I keep getting asked all the time is. Is Rhym linked to Saggakar?

The short answer is no.

Long answer is "yes but". Saggakar, by its nature, can be linked to anywhere, any time. The two settings are not designed to go with each other. No races in common, they are completely separate settings.

Now I won't swear that Rhym will not feature in future Saggakar products and vice-versa, just that they are designed as independent entities. And is definitely part of the fun.

I have a first set of iconic characters created already, and yes, these guys will be available to play in Saggakar!

So I'm still here.

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