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Sunday, October 9, 2016

[Commission] Kurzog's Throne painting commission

A few weeks back, I posted to a few local Facebook groups about my quest for a lizardfolk or troglodyte or draconian miniatures.

Why did I need such a mini?

You may remember that a few weeks ago, I ran a poll on the Legacies Facebook Group to find who would become the new Legacies Iconic. The winner, hands down, was the drakonian druid called Bloodclaw. I'll tell you more about Bloodclaw in an upcoming post.

John-B replied to my request, offering a few minis, including one I really thought embodied the character. I asked him what he wanted in return and he had a model he wanted painted in return. I agreed!

He needed a throne painted in the way of Kurzog's Throne from the cover of the DungeonMastery Guide to use for his Rise of the Runelords finale.

We met and hit it off, as two old gamers yakking it up. I really wanted to do a good job for him, make something special. The model he had was not exactly the throne on the cover, but it would work...

I gave it large, magical, non-circular red gems, which came out with an interesting non-euclidian shine. When I first did them, I did not like them initially. Then I added the sparkle (the white dots) and left it there for a few days as I worked on other things, you know... life. Then when I picked it up again, it made sense to me and I thought it really came out cool. Perhaps my mind made the unearthly, Lovecraftian links after the insanity reached deeper into my mind...

Click on the pictures for a larger picture. (They are a little dark unfortunately)

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