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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Imaginareum: Retrospective, Part 2

Now with WHAT I've done, is time to review and go over the good, the bad, and the easily fixed. The good is what the con did well. The bad is what really should improve. And the Easily Fixed describes well... what is easy to fix.

The Good

- The Venue The Crowne Plaza is a nice venue. Clean, nice and conveniently located. Big plus for the con.

- Panels entertaining It's always a challenge when attending panels with such a wide-range of topics as writing, GMing, publishing and everything in-between is challenging. But Imaginareum passed this with flying colors. Although I have to say I was not interested in a number of panels, but those I was lucky enough to sit on drew me in, and won me over.

- A lot of writers Its one thing to say you're gonna talk about something... But the con definitely delivered on this. There were so many writers. So many different styles and stories. Now I will admit I don't read as much as I'd like, but I was really entertained. There was something for pretty much anyone. Big big win

The Easily Fixed

- Each room to have its program on it One of the things I had difficulty with was the fact that the rooms themselves did not have a clear program attached to them. Thus between all of the meeting rooms it was rather difficult finding out where things were and required us to go back to HQ to know what was going on. A minor annoyance at best, but something that could very easily be addressed next time. It was difficult to find things on the fly.

- Overly large panels Not specific to this con, but I find that panel of more than three panelists are just too big. One of the panels I attended on urban fantasy was pretty good, but with 5 panelists, That said, I prefer smaller panels or moderators who ensure that everyone gets a chance to talk. And with 1h panels, I'd prefer to hear the perspective of more of the panelists. Personal thing.

- Attendance Well, this was the first year, so it was low. I'm really hoping to see more of you, my readers next year. This con can clearly be made better with the coming of more people - then again that's true of most events... Attend if you can!

The Bad

There really isn't anything overly bad. And most of it is easily

- Gaming Again something that seems to be systemic of Kentucky events. Gaming = board games. There needs to be a good gaming track that has a mix of playing slots and panels. I think this could really be an interesting "schtick" to have a play/ panels. I really would like to see the gaming grow here.

- Schedule changes One of my panels was moved... at the same time as another... A sad moment, but again minor inconvenience. It happens. Talking to Susan, she is already planning to doing things differently next year, so this is already "in the works". Good!

- Moderators didn't show Having alternate moderators would help direct the panels. I'm not quite sure how to cover for that, however... I fear this is a common thing.


The biggest, and most important question about Imaginareum: Do I want to go back next year?

Without hesitation, the answer is YES!

JP, signing off Imaginareum 2014. See you in 2015!

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