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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

[Die Inspired] Staying Alive (for now)

On the 15th, I participated in the third session of Die Inspired's big campaign and well I managed to survive it. Events are definitely moving forward as we head towards the end.

Again, the "simple effective scene" principle they used applied once more... (see my post on this here) Though I take it with the two previous sessions everyone was pretty gun-shy but that did make for some tense and interesting roleplay.

One fun fact is that after the previous two dates, we were now overly cautious when faced with a challenge, even when the challenge was not overly deadly. (It was, but the threat was less immediate than the previous two games) That's why I always "you train your players." It will be fun to see the face of poor GM Roscoe seeing how we overcomplicate something that should be easy... I've been there too.

But the big kicker is how everything came to a head at the head, which left us, the players, on a cliffhanger. I mean hold-your-breath-until-next-game type of thing and left me chomping at the bits for more. I was actually annoyed that we stopped instead of continuing... I just want to go back and see what happens and how things play out.

Now to wait for the next game... guh... so long!!! Jim Hawkins still lives!

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