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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Turning off the lights

Today marks another big day in my life. After eighteen months working for the LKQ Corporation as a Senior Web Developer, I reached the end of this line. Two weeks ago, I turned in my notice.

Looking back, it was a time where I learned a lot of new things, new technologies, and participated in the design and creation of many pieces of software.

I am particularly proud about the work my team and I did with the re-creation of the quoting engine. Moving it from an older technology into modern C#, complete with a suite of tests that ensures the validity and accuracy of the result. This is a design that grew out of a desire to do one thing: fix a problem and not the rest of the universe.

This is a bittersweet because I worked closely with a lot of great people from my team and others. I keep a very positive view of the place and its people. I was able to join the A-Team, being the Mad Murdock - the crazy coder - of the bunch.

I leave behind a great group of guys who I am sure will take the code I worked on in new and exciting directions. These guys are gonna rock this, no worries.

So where am I going? I will be joining the CBS Corporation as a co-worker to Doctor Phil and Jim Nantz!


Okay, I may not be working *WITH* them. I will be working for a division called 24/7 Sports to support their published content and message boards. I am pretty excited about this new position and my new team.


  1. I hate Dr. Phil. He's such a sellout phony :)

    1. Sacrilege! He's just a little country boy from Texas!