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Friday, May 15, 2015

More Art: Shafell the Cambion

Originally created for my home campaign, Shafell was a matron who arranged for the PCs' unwilling assistance. Since then, she appeared in Sugar and Spice with the same role. There, she tried to get the PCs to follow the laws of her people. She failed.

In Secret Project X (SPX), she will return in a similar role. However, she won't have her family around her anymore. The ancient pacts that protected her no longer binding the imps and other devils. I plan on re-introducing her again very soon...

The commissioned piece from Kaitlynn Peavler/ @TheDiceGoddess on Twitter. I really like her drawing style. Shafell is drawn here heavily pregnant - as she often is. Her "you want some of this, lover?" look is just awesome and really captures the essence of the character.

I have more pieces coming from her and I can't wait to get them!


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