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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meet the Iconics: Korb the Blind

Let's continue our series on the new iconic characters for Legacies. Today: Korb the Blind

Korb the Blind is a kaliban, a race of marauding and cannibalistic humanoids. Their skin is milky white and their eyes are all black, much like a great white shark, many file their teeth so they can cut through meat better. Kalibans are found everywhere as they are hearty, tough and resilient. But it is their omnivorous nature what they are best known for. Normally quiet and reserved, the call of battle makes them frenzied, like sharks. Korb is no exception, he can eat defeated foes and learn things from them. Korb has a bad case of personal hygiene. His situation is so bad that taking a bath would not be sufficient to wash him. However, because of it, Korb is evermore resistant to diseases and poisons, and the old he gets, the more resistant he will become.

Now Korb the Blind is an oracle of the Ancestors with clouded vision. He devoted himself to Sanlys, the Goddess of the White Hands - the goddess he saw as a boy.

As a boy, Korb got lost in a forest and went missing for a week before he was found. During that time, he had visions of a beautiful woman with white hands. From that day, he seeks to understand why he was chosen.

Like many kalibans, Korb has terrible personal hygiene, that he is known as a filthy beast.

Today Korb travels the world reading bones and entrails as a soothsayer.

Sanlys, Goddess of the White Hands

Sanlys is the NE goddess of intrigue, ambition and murder. Always appearing as beautiful maiden whose hands are always hidden, she is associated with dragons and devious nobles.

Sanlys is a member of the Pantheon of Man, a group of five human who attained godhood through means unknown.

Her title as the goddess of the White Hands comes from the story that though she was known as an assassin and a murderer, no proof was ever found that she had done any of it. She answered any accusation with a wry smile.


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