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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Meet your Master: Legacies in Saggakar

This new series about the Legacies Campaign in Tyrants of Saggakar examines the four masters of the campaign. Although it is possible to belong to others, these are the four "starter" ones a PC can select at creation.

Like in other places in Saggakar, I decided to reward behavior that "played to the setting" rather than compel such activities. This is a concept Cubicle 7, IMO got right on the money in their Doctor Who game, where players who "play according to the show" get rewarded with story points. A simple idea, but one that is very effective.

Having said that, I want to encourage players who opt for the harder path. In this case, the First Ones have created a system that makes THEIR desire easiest to follow.

Yes, they stacked the deck in their favor.

This series will introduce the four Masters, their personalities, their House, their goals and what benefit they can provide you for service. They will function in a similar way as patrons did in the previous Legacies. However, they now own you and are all thoroughly evil...

Welcome to servitude.


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