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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet your master: Effriko of House Tioten

The old man of the trio, Effriko is an old man whose health seems to be failing. As I mentioned with Ramis, I initially envisioned him as someone much younger. However, swapping him with Ramis, made sense here. I liked the idea of this old man seeking to gather power he does not have.

From a player's perspective, it made a lot more sense that he would have access to greater magical means as an old man. This made him into a powerful caster who could help and support the PCs in so many other ways.

Leader: Effriko is an aging First One whose body is constantly wracked by cough. He compensates by working tirelessly.

Modus Operandi: Dedicated to magical research, Effriko understands best of all that a happy slave is a productive slave. He knows that his house is the weakest, so he gives his people the most latitude to execute his desires.

Benefits: House Tioten is not powerful enough to challenge the other houses directly – yet. Therefore, Effriko involves himself in his slaves’ affair more directly than the others. Because of this, when a slave of House Tioten spends a favor point to obtain NPC spellcasting, once per adventure, you may get the benefit of spending a second one for free. This can only benefit servants of House Tioten. For example: a 3rd-level House Tioten PC requires a heal spell (660 gp), for a net cost 2 favor points. By spending one favor point, he could get the benefit of having spent two favor points. This could also be used to obtain two castings of the spell (and paying the 60 gp).


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