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Friday, May 29, 2015

Meet your master: I bow to no one!

I did mention at the start of this series that I wanted to allow players to be in charge of their destiny. The unmarked is exactly that. However, the system is stacked against him.

Money-wise, choosing this option is sub-optimal. However, there is no penalty if a player selects items as rewards for an adventure. Similarly, they can use their favor points like any other characters. There is no leader of the unmarked. This group pays each other to keep information.

Benefits: You do not have to bow to anyone, you are your own man.

Drawback: to keep your freedom, you must constantly pay brides and half any monetary rewards from any adventure you play in Saggakar. This is assessed AFTER monetary gains are tabulated.



  1. Dis-moi au moins que le paladin est interdit comme classe.

    1. Non. La voie du paladin n'est pas facile a suivre.