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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Meet your master: Lucrezia of House Faremhi

Lucrezia first appeared in the Ennie-nominated adventure "94-LC-01 Dousing Fire With Blood". She was instantly hated and received the vilest of epithets. Music to mine ears...

Lucrezia and House Faremhi

Leader: Lucrezia is a minor member of House Faremhi seeking to increase her power. As such, she is willing to mingle with “inferiors” and often travels across the ArchDespotate.

Modus Operandi: Lucrezia is not subtle. She knows what she wants and works aggressively to obtain it.

Benefits: House Faremhi’s greatest resources are its access to slave labor. By spending a favor point, a House Faremhi PCs may commandeer a slave to perform non-combat tasks. Once commandeered, the slave remains with the party for the remainder of the adventure or until sent away. This slave possesses one skill with a bonus equal to the current table APL. The slave cannot be placed in a situation where he can be hurt (a slave will not disable traps, but may look for them). It is expected the slave be returned in good health, but that is not mandatory.


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