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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet the Iconics: Sel’ar’otallya the wizard

Continuing the series on the new iconics. Today, Sel'Ar'Otallya the enchantress.

Otallya is a hajit - or "Greater People", a race of halfling from Secret Project X. Hajit used to rule the world until the First Ones appeared and took the world away from them. Since then, the hajit consider the world to be theirs, but usurped by "upstarts". They are manipulative and devious, which they hide under an apparent laziness. Why do all the hard work yourself when someone else can sweat and toil?

Hajit tend to add a number of honorifics to their own names, which only they understand the exact meaning. For most other races, those with the longest

Otallya is small, even amongst her people and suffers from something of a Napoleon complex. Learning the ways of magic and enchantment in particular really suited her well. She sees herself as the power behind the group, the brains of the operation.

Otallya was a born in a large family who bullied and insulted her for her small size. As a child, she sought the solace in books and the safety of libraries. As she grew older, she realized with joy that magic could impose her will upon them.


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