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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meet the Iconics: Awelara and Kraan

For the mid-week slump, I decided to post two characters for you. Today Awelara and Kraan.

Awelara the Cambion Witch

Meliana Awela Awelara is a witch dedicated to an ancient family pact that seeks to guide the cambions. She does not fully understand the pact, but it has allowed her to advance her own goals and those of her masters. Awelara has a strong affinity for medicine and the healing arts, like most females of her race.

Cambions are a subrace of tieflings that live in a matriarchal society. They control the Covenarchy of Hellassam (a nation ruled by cambion witches). Resistant to fire, and part human, cambions are fascinated by both their human and infernal or demonic ancestry. Females are known as great healers while the males join and organize criminal syndicates.

Every cambion is named after their ancestral grandmother – the founder of their line; then their own personal mother, and their own first names.

Awelara is a witch. She inherited a family-made pact with creatures she believes is the spirit of a very powerful and ancient succubus. She communicates with this entity through her familiar, a rat named “Peeker”.

Today, she presents herself as an apothecary and as a physician.

Kraan the Hareen Ranger

Kraan is a hareen - or lesser people - in hajit. These halflings are children of nature, living in harmony with it. They live a simple lifestyle and most never learn to read. A hareen focuses on the things immediately influencing his life, not abstract concepts.

Because of this most other races think them dumb and dimwitted. The hareen are crafty, resourceful and full of life. They make much better slave than the lazy hajit.

They don't understand their hajit cousins and their schemes. They often become embroiled with them because they want to please and be helpful.

Kraan was enslaved as a child and spent his youth farming for a cruel master.

Taken as a youth from his tribe, Kraan grew up toiling the land. Although his overseers were cruel and wicked, he developed a healthy love for farming and a healthy respect for the land. During those days, he met and spoke with a priestess of Usha who taught him of the good he could do in the world.

Once he became a man, he took up a bow and left to become an adventurer. His master keeps asking him to do things, which he usually does in order to remain free to travel the world.


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