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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meet the Iconics: Okayaaa the rogue

The sixth and final member of our group of iconics.

Okayaaa is a skythian rogue. Skythians came to Saggakar with the First Ones as devoted warriors, a task at which they both loved and excelled. However, in the past two centuries, many have begun doubting the wisdom of their way of life, wondering if there was anything more to life than an endless stream of destruction. To this day, they struggle with their warrior nature and their desire for a more fulfilling life. Skythians are best known for their ability to make weapons out of their bones. A skythian can create jagged weapons equivalent of a longsword, or with added feats, rapiers, bastard swords and even greatswords!

Okayaaa is a physical rogue, focusing on her skills at acrobatics and trap finding/disabling.

Okayaaa grew up in a poor neighborhood of a large city. She developed skills to survive on the streets. Today, she seeks to be accepted and know her skills are highly sought among adventurers. Though she longs for battle, she wonders about retiring as an elder.

But for now there are battles to be fought and money to be raised.

Will she be updated to the Unchained Version? Very likely. When? Soon.

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