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Friday, May 8, 2015

Gostor: Warriors of the Americas

If you follow this blog, you definitely know by now that I am a history aficionado. I love to read about history and recent archaeological discoveries. Then, mixing my love of gaming and my love of history is something that brings me a lot of personal satisfaction.

This book was started many weeks ago as a side project with me adding all kinds of prestige class, archetypes and other material ideas into a document. Then, a few weeks back, I stumbled upon an article related to a Maya find. After reading it, my mind went to my drop file and after some editing, I realized that I had more than a few things worth making into a small PDF document. Really, perfect size for a Gostor product!

A few hours later, some tidying up the wording, I already had most of the art, so I focused trying to come up with classes that were more flavorful than historical. I also put a few historical details, after all why create a book based on historical warriors and not pass on a little of that knowledge?

The Dog Soldiers, Eagle and Jaguar knights and the False Face Society are detailed in this book. From the history of the Aztec, the Cheyenne and the Iroquois. The research into these groups was easily my favorite element, so that when I finalized everything, I felt I could really pass their flavor on to the reader.

The content of this book will be allowed as part of the Legacies Campaign.

Check it out here: Gostor: Warriors of the Americas on RPGNow!


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