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Sunday, May 3, 2015

JP's Moving Sale

With the move from Kentucky to Nashville imminent, I have decided to sell a number of books I haven't used in a long time. Hence: spring cleaning!

I will be selling those to locals (KY or TN) first before putting the rest on Ebay. I am accepting any offers. These will be sold in lot, not individual books. They are not new, but in good shape (no torn covers and the like)

If you are interested, just let me know:

Lot 1: Low-level Pathfinder Adventures

   -  Second Darkness Map Folio (shrinkwrapped)
   -  Faiths and Purity
   -  Adventurer's Armory
   -  Pathfinder Society Field Guide
   -  We Be Goblins
   -  Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
   -  We be Goblins Too
   -  Master of the Fallen Fortress
   -  From Shore to Sea
   -  Carrion Hill
   -  Hall of Bones (Frog God Games)
   -  The Godsmouth Heresy

Lot 2: Complete Second Darkness AP

   -  Curse of the Crimson Throne Map Folio (shrinkwrapped)
   -  Second Darkness Map Folio (shrinkwrapped)
   -  WayFinder magazine #9: The Darklands
   -  Second Darkness Player companion
   -  Complete Second Darkness (#1-6)
   -  DCC #71 The 13th Skull

Lot 3: Higher-level Pathfinder Adventures

   -  Curse of the Crimson Throne Map Folio (shrinkwrapped)
   -  Second Darkness #1 Shadow In the sky (great for Riddleport)
   -  Pathfinder Society Field Guide
   -  Cult of the Ebon Destroyer
   -  Tomb of the Iron Medusa
   -  Song of Storms (Monkey God Enterprises)
   -  Blood of Dragonscar
   -  Pact Stone Pyramid
   -  Vault of Souls

Lot 4: 4e Core stuff, signed

   -  4e Player's Handbook (Signed by designers)
   -  4e Dungeon Master's Guide (Signed by designers)
   -  4e Monster Manual (Signed by designers)

Lot 5: Pathfinder Core Books

   -  GameMastery Guide
   -  Bestiary 2
   -  Ultimate Magic
   -  Advanced Player's Guide
   -  Inner Sea World Guide

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