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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Legacies: Seeds of Rebellion Logo

Earlier this week, I asked the members of the Legacies Facebook Group to select a theme for next year. The themes offered were "Oblivion", "Rebellion" and "Tyranny". They chose by a large margin to give me Rebellion.

So I chuckled as I gathered my ideas for it.

And I chuckled some more.

Then last night, during an L5R game, I spent some time creating a logo. I took the feedback and played with my old Paint Shop Pro.

What do you think? I especially like the black sun symbol in the background.



  1. I am not sure, but I never really have been a big fan of Psionics. Power points are a pretty serious departure from the normal rules and add more complexity to the game, so I may be a little biased. We shall see about Occult Adventures but I am optimistic about it, and their spellcasting system is not much different (unless they change it between now and the playtest).

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