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Friday, February 24, 2017

[Commission] Friday of the Dead entries.

As it is Friday, two zombies. The two have minute differences between each other that are hard to spot with the pix. Can you spot them?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Legion Neraph

Working on the new Legion Starter Kit.

[Commission] Doctor FrankenSTEEN and EYE-gor

Okay, this pair is one of the most awesome group of villains I had to paint for this set... It is based on Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder's Doctor Frankenstein (pron. Franken-STEEN) and Marty Feldman's Igor (pron. EYE-gor). If you have not seen that movie yet. GO SEE IT NOW. It is funny as all heck! That cast is just AWESOME.

Love those dudes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[Commission] The Dragon and the Frog

A new batch of goodies for Will. This set is part of another group he asked me to do for him. This set is the final of the models from the basic game. Next up will be first expansion, something about undead... should be a nice change. Though I do find myself a little sad as I really liked those model. Hopefully, I don't find any of these models at Gencon or cheap on Ebay...

So these two guys are Trogdor the Burninator and a frog-dude.

I did not realize it, but Trogdor came out very much like the Retribution models I just painted. I really only noticed that when I was working on the images. I like how it came out a lot. He should be ready to burninate

The sword on the frog really came out great. It looks very good and the effect really came out great.

Blackclad Wayfarer

This guy was part of the Facebook mega-lot. I painted him in a more natural tone than the typical black, like a patchwork of cloth scraps. This guy is greatly unbalanced and tips over all the time. That massive cloak is ridiculously heavy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dawnlord Vyros

Another goodies from the Facebook mega-lot. This guy is oddly positioned: that bird looks the wrong way, the sword looks like it should rest on his shoulder but doesn't.

Still, I really enjoyed painting this guy. As the first model in the Retribution I ever painted, he was pretty good and simple. I used the basic white/powder blue scheme but wanted to make it look grittier than the plastic/anime they often have.

Monday, February 20, 2017

[Cryx Monday] Bile Thralls

A group of bile thralls from a Facebook Mega-lot. Those things are gross and nasty. These came in two distinct blisters so I'm not sure if they can form a legal unit (I do not think so).

The rotting, nasty flesh for them is really a high point... They really came out nasty. YUCK.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Two Reaper Pirates

Yarr! Two pirates from the Reaper Bones pile.

[Commission] The Minotaur and the Troll

And the final two guys in this batch of ArcadiaQuest minis are two large-sized monsters: the Minotaur and the Troll.

The Minotaur, I must say, is not one of my favorites, it feels dull and lifeless. I know, you should never say that, but I did not like that guy. Perhaps if I'd gone and painted him with a completely different color scheme? Maybe like a Holstein cow with black and white spots? Maybe, but it would not have made a very good villain. Hilarious, yes. Now he's not bad, the paint job is good, but meh. Un-exciting

The Troll on the other hand is very cool. The skin color was an interesting challenge, seeing how it was not the more typical troll green, but orange. The bad with bones is very a nice addition. Perhaps if the Minotaur had such a bag? Now the pictures make it hard to see, but I have it dirty, as if blood dripped onto it. This guy feels characterful.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

[Commission] This one has a CUNNING plan

This pair of fellows has one dude from Naruto (I think)

But the coolest one of this lost is the Black Adder...

Friday, February 17, 2017

[Commission] Three lady knights

These three knight ladies were painted for Frostgrave and/or Rhym. They are from the Reaper Bones pile.

[Commissions] ArcadiaQuest characters

These two characters are fairly standard ones. They are based off an anime I do not know. No great story here...

Short Fiction Contest Announcement

I have been thinking about this for a long time and think this might be a great time to launch this effort. I would like to launch a series of short fiction pieces set in Saggakar. These could be pretty much anything. During my many classes, I have found it fairly easy to come up with shorter stories than long ones and have been reading some really good ones.

Through this, I would like to meet new writing talent! This is your chance

Contest parameters

- All fiction should be original: written by you and not already published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

- The story must deal with themes of Saggakar: oppression, memory loss, slavery, redemption, and heroism against the odds.

- The story should be "traditional" fantasy (no sci-fi, no fanfic)

- Seven hundred to two thousand words for each submission

- An author can submit as many pieces of fiction as they want.

- All participants will be contacted shortly after the contest end.

- Submissions will be considered unedited drafts

- If your submission is not a winner, all rights will revert to you.


- All participants will receive a unique Legacy Record granting them a unique bonus usable in the game.

- Winners will receive a copy of the final anthology and credit.

- Winners will receive a PDF copy of the Tyrants of Saggakar Player's Guide (5e or PFRPG).

- A grand prize winner will have their likeness (or someone of their choice) used for an NPC in an upcoming Tyrants of Saggakar product.

Does that seem fun? Pass the word, I'm thinking of running this for the month of March. (1-31st)


Thursday, February 16, 2017

[Commissions] Vampire-skunk ladies

Three more vampire ladies for Will's ArcadiaQuest collection. These ladies are also two evil ones and a good one.

I must say that the one with the white hair and black strand is by far my favorite of the bunch.

Always a bonus, their cleavage really looks nice and natural... I must say I am a big fan of the real thing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Changing how Legacies Organized Play works

I have been thinking about ways to both improve and simplify the way Legacies work. With the addition of 5e and Pathfinder, trying to find ways to make both work.

As the poll taken last year showed, there is both a will and a desire for both system to be used. I recently submitted my events for Conglomeration, Origins, and Gencon. At all of these conventions will have 5e and Pathfinder events. Which led me to a think... so what if someone who played in one game would like to play in something else, but get to use their character.

So I jostled with a number of options and made decisions.

- First, I removed the faction-related tracking of favor points. From now on, you either get a favor point, or not. If you do not get it, it will be crossed off immediately. Most people did not fill that section anyway and many of the things I planned to use this with just do not work anymore. And I cannot find a time when this would be useful. The story section already fulfills this role.

- Second, since Rhym adventures and products are only produced for 5e, Rhym LRs will be portable to Pathfinder. I want people to who play to apply Legacies credit to their character. So, a player may apply credit from Rhym to apply to a Pathfinder character of a level similar to 5e.
   For example, Rhym-01 Black Sails is written for levels 1-4. Playing it will allow players to apply credit to a Rhym or 5e-Saggakar OR to a Pathfinder level 3 or 4.

I think these changes should diminish the campaign paperwork and give people versatility when approaching the campaign.

What do you think?