Sunday, December 21, 2014

Enough Teasing!

It is with great pride and joy that I can finally announce the release of Cities of NeoExodus: Gytha. This book was designed in a public session held in October on Google Hangouts and the ideas for were just great, making this book one of the most exciting sourcebooks I've worked on in the past years. It includes two short pieces of fiction, adventure locations, archetypes, religions, magic items, fully-statted NPCs complete with background, horde forces to use in your own games.

In addition to my awesome design team, I received some invaluable layout assistance from LPJ himself and the final result is truly impressive!

Find the book on RPGNow

Now if that were the only good news I have. No, there will be no less than six adventures that uses this book - the Battle For Gytha series will premiere at events from December through February!

Join the NeoExodus Legacies on Facebook to learn of all the opportunities to play!

Thanks for the great year! Look for more from FOE in the new year. Merry Christmas to all of you, and a happy, blessed and healthy new year!

JP and the FOE team!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rats are nasty!

This piece was lying at the bottom of my bitz box and I just had to paint it. It is just a nasty mini. I added it to the lot of auction minis. It was fun to paint it.

I have no idea who made this mini... It is very old is all I can say.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Legacies: The Battle for Gytha is about to launch

Well I have 2 of the planned 6 adventures pretty much ready to move to playtest. I have posted an open invitation for people to playtest the adventure on the Legacies Facebook group. Join us if you can or want to playtest Legacies products and adventures.

As part of the release of the Gytha sourcebook, I have 2 adventures done (well 1 still needs a few stat blocks and Patron notes). This new series "Battle For Gytha" has a core of 6 adventures, plus a few other one-shots that will expand the storyline (I'm not saying much more at this time).

The first two adventures: 94-LC-04 Plains of Sametia and 94-LC-05 Knee Deep are somewhat straightforward adventures. Whereas thus far, we've had the invasion of Sametia be something we've not really addressed in our adventures, but now we shift to this series being the center and focus of the events.

The series provides surprising links to adventures that date back all the way to 91. Loose ends I have been meaning to get back to. Sometimes what people do comes back to bite them, sometimes it bites other people...

Needless to say that I am pretty excited about this series.

As a surprise bonus to my design team... I sent them a special, unique LR that only they will have...


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ancient Archers

Here is a mixed group of ancient Mediterranean archers. These fellows can be used in pretty much every conflict around the Mediterranean! They can be Jews, Romans, Greeks, Carthagenians, Egyptians, Iberians, Macedonians, Gauls, or mercenaries for any of the above.

Models are, I believe, a mix of Foundry and Old Glory I got in random Ebay auctions.

I gave these guys to raise money for the toy drive at Moonlite. They now grace the mini boxes of some lucky fellows!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Now for something completely different

Here are a group of llama I won as part of a random lot of Aztec models. These things just look good! I will have to find a way to use them in something.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Commission: Nate's Dark Heresy Officer for 40k

This model was given to me as a commission by my good friend Nate. He did not have a specific scheme for it. This is for a Dark Heresy character of his.

I looked at some old pictures of WWI for inspiration. I looked at some pictures. Most of the Death Corps are painted in fairly drab German colors. 40k for me is about bright and contrasting uniforms. 19th-Century color schemes that have no usefulness in camouflage. It's bright and bold greens, reds, or blues. Although some paint their armies in the style of 20th century armies camouflage, it does not pop... not exciting for me...

As this was a single character, I wanted something more flashy. And in keeping with the WWI theme, is there an army more flashy than the 1914 French, with their sky blue and crimson? So I opted for a scheme that was greatly inspired by the French army.

Although at first, I planned to have the uniform and the jacket be the same color, it looked like a big block of the same color. So I used a lighter color for the cloak. All the black (boots, mask & helmet) has been treated to have a blue tint. It looks black at first glance, but reflection are clearly blue, which I like.

As a salute to classic Imperial guard, the laspistol was painted red.

This model is a Finecast resin model. I strongly dislike that medium: model are too light (weightless), and cutting the flash is scary... Even once based, it was too light, so I put a penny and that added some weight to the model without becoming too heavy.

That said, the final result is much to my liking. I have to say it looks very good.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Commission: Rory's musketeer

Part two of the commission-trade I did with Rory. This time, a musketeer-type character. She is a member of the Dark Archive faction. The colors of the faction are a purple flame on an open book. This in itself causes a problem, as I wanted to give him a character with a somewhat different color scheme! So I aimed for something more red.

The boots and gloves are of a dark color with a purple twinge. The pants and shirt have a simple pattern of red and pink, just enough to not look "empty" and the right amount to fill the space. The tabard has the Dark Archive's motifs repeated a number of places.

One funny thing you may notice about the model. I had to cover the sword with 3 layers of glue to give it strength. This is why the sword is no longer "perfect".


Friday, December 12, 2014

Commission: Rory's Witch

This is the first of a pair of miniatures I painted for my good buddy Rory.

How this came to be is an interesting story. Rory and I were talking on Facebook. Over the course of the conversation, he mentioned that people laughed at him for playing with unpainted minis - rightfully, I should say. I mentioned that I painted for others, showed him some of my work (which he already knew about). And I got me a commission!

Now the story would be fairly interesting already. On the topic later was his availability as a writer. More talks. In the end, we agreed that he would write a short adventure for me in return for two painted minis! Like a number of artists on DeviantArt, we traded artwork! I'm pretty stoked.

Here is what he asked me and how he described his witch:

I'd like the witch to be med-dark purple dominant, is fair skinned, black hair (perhaps some white highlights) and purple eyes.

I think I miffed on the hair... but the white hair really pops. I really like the end result. She looks really nice. The face and contrasts of the purples/reds on the clothes.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm not slacking! Teaser Pics!

I know many of you have been commenting how I've been slacking and not posting here and not pushing any new FOE products... That's not true as I have been working VERY hard, on a lot of stuff behind the scenes.

I've teased you with the Gytha book, which I had to redo because of feedback from LPJ. and I must say... the changes he recommended really made the product look better! It should be out before Christmas. I promise. To go with the book, I plan to have not one but two adventures that support the product. So not only can you know some of the secret of Gytha, but you will also discover more about the Protectorate plans for the city. In all, there should be around 6-8 adventures that will use the Gytha sourcebook! At least that's what I have planned... And that does not include the specials one-shots.

I've also teased you about some new iconics. Well they are coming! I have been waffling about who and what to do about them. I commissioned a great artist I met on Deviant art, for a few pieces and they look sensational! I will have more coming from her in the future...

I'm sure you can guess the races for the characters. That's the easy part. I am personally waffling as to which classes I want to make them. A cleric, or an oracle? A fighter or a paladin? A rogue or a wizard? The thing with Iconics is that they need to showcase the world, not just be "generic" characters.

However, LPJ has some great iconics... so should the FOE ones have more oddball concepts? Those are things I try to figure out and decide. Of course, these guys have to be exciting and fun and showcase the campaign. I am definitely open to suggestions.

One funny thing that happened... I gave a bunch of ideas to Irene (the artist) and asked her for a nature-type p'tan/catfolk. She misunderstood what I wanted and drew a woman with feline features... a human. I was a little bummed, but I really loved the character she had. So I asked to keep it and add extra features to the characters, for someone I wanted drawn for another project... So I pulled a bait and switch.

I've talked about a new banner... I have received it! I have yet to officially unveil it, but nothing prevents me from teasing you some more!

You might've noticed similarities between the iconics and the "mysterious character" in the banner. If you have, then you get bonus points. All of them were drawn by the same hand! I really like her characterization, it has just a touch of cartoon-y without being "too much." I think we have a good relationship and we will be doing more work together in the (very) near future.

Oh yes... since everything is "Under Construction" there is a 'dozer and a hardhat in the picture. Thanks to ActionMan for the assist.

So there you have it... a few things that are moving forward... with pics to prove I'm not lying to you!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Humor: My new gurps group

I just thought this was incredibly funny. I remember watching most of those shows.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[Old pro tricks] 5 ways to start thinking of an adventure

Someone on Facebook posted a simple question - it seemed simple - "How do you start working on an adventure?". My gut instinct was to say "at the start", but then I thought to myself that I do not always think of it that way. In fact I generally do not think that way...

I realize this is not a complete guide to writing adventure, they are just ways to start thinking about them.

Here are 5 different ways I think of adventures.

1- From a plot In this case, I think of an overall plot. "The guy wants to do something." It is as close to start with the beginning as it gets. Here you have an idea of a plot as a whole.

2- From the characters "What if the Avengers did [...]?" Here you have WHO the PCs are and have to work from there. This is a good way as it often dictates some tropes: villains, type of stories, locations, genre. You would not take superheroes for a very down-to-earth plot, just as you would not use the cast of CSI for a superhero adventure.

3- From the villain Similar to the previous entry, however, here you start with a villain. "What if Magneto decided to [...]" as with the heroes, your villain will provide you with some of the elements of setting.

4- From an encounter Here you think of an encounter - not necessarily a combat - but some type of situation the PCs have to resolve or deal with. "What if you all just woke up without any memories?" This is really interesting because it can be whatever. I will admit that this is one of the most common ways I come up with ideas and plots.

5- From a twist The "M Night Shyamalan"... Here you start with a twist: usually a revelation that changes the rest of the story. The PCs realize that they have been manipulated all along, or they realize that all the NPCs they met so far are ghosts.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Part 2 of the Three-Stage Gnome: (Part 1)

Our adventurer now has a few adventures behind his belt and his equipment has greatly improved. He is turning into a "real" warrior.


Monday, December 1, 2014

FOE: Chicken vs egg

Yesterday, I tweeted the following question:

Thinking about running a @kickstarter for a @FreeRPGDay adventure... Thoughts?

There seems to be a lot of differing views on that.

The two main positions are: "Why pay for something I will get for free?" versus "Without KS how can you produce the adventure?" It's something of a "chicken vs egg" situation. Without backing, I'm not big enough to fund

Why pay for something that will be free? Obviously, the goal is to provide something to backers that is gonna be unique and fun, but as a businessman, I need something that will provide me with some additional sales down the road. With more sales, I can afford to do more and better-looking products.

If you are a 3pp, I am very likely to reach out and get your thoughts and pick your brain on your experiences with Kickstarter, with Free RPG Day, and with publishing in general. I'm really trying to create a road map for myself and for FOE. We've been doing product that I think look better and better in the past year.

Is it time for us to take that next step? Was is that next step? Is Kickstarter part of it?

A lot to think about.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stuffing'd Eggs: a real-life recipe!

The morning after Thanksgiving, I posted a number of pictures of a family recipe. A lot of people have asked me for directions. So as a public service announcement, I am posting the recipe here. This is not an exact recipe.

You will need: stuffing (a lot of it), eggs, cheese, salt, pepper and paprika (last three not shown). Papazooka as Kitty calls it. If your stuffing is a tad dry (mine was), you will need to add some broth, so I used vegetable broth. I added some cranberries to the dish, but they were found "unsatisfying".

With the stuffing, create little cups in the buttered muffin tray.

I added cranberries only to a few as a "surprise". The kids thought that was really exciting!

Crack eggs into the small stuffing cups. I split the yokes into their own cups.

Add cheese to the top. As the eggs are not even, cheese can compensate for those cups with a lower levels of egg. Plus, everyone loves cheese! Next add the salt-pepper and the papazooka.

350 for ~20 minutes, until the eggs are cooked and the cheese is melted.

I like to flip them over before serving and allow them a few minutes to cool.

Enjoy! So you know, twelve is just enough for our family!



Saturday, November 29, 2014

Commissions: many WIP

It like it's been forever ago that I posted a commission piece.

OH WAIT, no, I posted Chad's minis last week!

Bah! Here are a few teasers... Mostly to prove to myself that I'm not slacking in that department... One of those pics is a surprise to its future owner... try and guess which one.

And for good measure what I am currently working on: North American Indians, Aztec civilians, Llamas, Cryx Undead pirates, swarms, a mega-dire-rat and two Razor Coast weresharks. In addition to the commission work... A few evening of cleaning up.

This reminds me that I REALLY should do a how-to paint like JP (or: How every other painters told me not to do). These have been base coated and await final touches and bases...