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Sunday, September 16, 2018

I use my kids as punching bags

"What do you mean we can run away?"

"This is gonna be nasty because you wrote the adventure."

Today did not go as planned...

The original plan was to play with the kids, mine and Matt's. However, a school paper prevented that. I had another player, Sarah, who was scheduled to come, but decided against it later.

So I decided simply to play with just the kids. play something slightly different. Run something linked to a new storyline I am interested in getting off the ground and test a few unique ideas I have. Of course, I would never tell them exactly what I am testing out on them.

This plot line involves the Tehenu barbarians of the Great Western Desert, and the city of Waset. I have a few special things in store that needs playtesting... and well why not play-test it?

As a fun things... the kids drew maps of what they explored today... each of them added some interesting elements they each found interesting and important to note. The first one is by ActionMan and the second by Kitty.

I won't give the details, but the kids emerged victorious and a new storyline is started. It got rather close a few times... namely rolling a '1' on a death saving throw, or being swamped by zombies of peasants.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rhym - County of Pemrose Released

For many months now, I have been toying with this setting idea of two strong factions somewhat deadlocked with a third in the wings. While the third faction does not have the legitimacy or the power of the other two, it was stable enough to serve as the kingmaker, as the one that would determine the fate of the nation... I was thinking of writing this for Tyrants of Saggakar but the ideas did not gel together: I had to set up too many elements to make it believable. It just was not what I wanted.

At the same time, I was toying with a few random ideas for Rhym. I was working on an adventure that would follow "Come to the Hills" (an adventure that got completely changed into something different so you know). I was toying with ideas for encounters and situations, a lot of "what would the PCs do if..." sorta questioning.

Inspiration struck suddenly and without warning as it is wont to do. I think it was 5PM when I was at work and should've been working, or just about to head on home when all the pieces fell together. The original idea and the situations fell into place like dominoes. After months of this not going anywhere, I suddenly had everything I wanted.

This is one of the things I love about Rhym: it is SO versatile. You can quite simply adapt any idea you have to it. It is the "Greyhawk" or our settings and for that reason perhaps the most approachable for new players, much moreso than Saggakar.

The random semi-formed ideas that would become the County of Pemrose fell into place. I finished the book then let it sit for a few weeks as I finished and published Akhamet and focused on Gencon. For the month after Gencon, I coasted. I must admit. The big push done, I needed time to myself to do other things: run games, paint and just enjoy myself.

So here is the official blurb for the book.

On the verge of civil unrest, the County of Pemrose is stuck between the power of the five noble houses, a growing bourgeoisie, and an order of knights made of goblins. The County is beset by threats, some overt like the Black Knights, some simmering like rebellion in the commoners' hearts, or the potential of a takeover by militarized goblins.

This book details the rich and detailed history of the County, its social structure with its five great houses, details about the threats facing the County, plot hooks, and stat blocks

The County is part of the Kingdom of Therland on the Rhym Campaign Setting but can easily be included into your own campaign setting. This book is compatible with 5th Edition.

You can find the book on DriveThru RPG or RPGNow.

Monday, September 3, 2018

[Miniatures] People of Akhamet

The following miniatures serve as the basis for the casting crew for the many Akhamet games I have been running from the beginning of summer all the way until now. If you look closely, you can see members of every race in the book.

I grouped them here by theme: civilians, court, priests, warriors, and the ever-popular mummies.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Maps! Maps! Maps!

I have been working on these maps for an upcoming adventure. All those were hand-drawn by me. Not the best there is, but the kids were able to identify what each of them was, so I got the representation right!

I'm sure you can guess the type of adventure this is...

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Writing updates and FOE announcements

So I have not been posting here much, and that always gnaws at me. There is so much to write and so little time! A lot of logs in the fire right now.

I have two products that are really close to being completed: the first is the "part 1" of an Akhamet Adventure path, which will feature a LOT of material, very much old-school and some shorter elements combined. There is so much material that comes for the Akhamet Campaign Setting setting that focusing my energy is nearly impossible! I love it, and from the sales, so are you guys! The "one" adventure path may morph into a series of different threads and storylines. I have been running quite a lot of Akhamet at home and really having a blast with it. For this old, jaded gamer, it allows me to provide a lot of this flavor of the setting I really like while making the story. Players quickly can get into the story and the background bring up images of what they are seeing or expect to see.

As of right now, I have three main threads I want to explore: one follows the plot of "The Lost Pyramid of Neferheket", the other follows the story from "Dying of the Day", which was the Gencon special, and a third one deals with Per-Khatet and the Horesuteb. All three of these threads are extremely exciting to me, and I wish to explore more of them.

JD and I have been working on a second version of the Rhym Campaign setting, this time with updated art from Irene AND correcting a number of small typos. This was possible by you. I will be updating the PDF on DrivethruRPG and I will be releasing new material for the setting later this month.

Btw, if you own a hard copy of any of our products and do not own the PDF, email me and I will get you your copy!

So if I am not as present as I would like here, it is because I am not thinking of you guys or of topics to post, I just have to prioritize my time.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Milestone: 1500 Posts!

1500 Posts has just come and gone (this is post 1501). So many things changed since those first tentative posts just before the Boy was born in 2009. It has since served as a sort of personal diary, retelling my gaming journey.

So here's to you 1501 posts on JP on Gaming!

It saw the creation of FOE, the setup of the Tyrants of Saggakar, Rhym, and now Akhamet settings. So many memories.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Gencon 2018: Part 4: Highs, Lows, and Lessons

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Highs and Lows

Starting with the Highs:

- The biggest kuddos and most awesome thing about Gencon 2018 was the FOE GM Team of Isabelle and JS, two dear friends who are just awesome, top-notch, super-GMs. They made my stuff look and seems SOOOOOO good! Thanks so much to both of you.

- I was really glad that this year, All tables happened. That was seven tables of FOE games total! The biggest turnout for FOE event ever at Gencon. What a benchmark to bring up! I can't wait for next year!

- I want to thank God for bringing so many great people in my life. I am truly blessed to knowing so many people that share my addiction to RPGs. There are so many people to put in this section. I'll start with my wife who tolerated my talking about Gencon for MONTHS, next come my kids who playtested all of the adventures, my GMs Isabelle & JS who did a fantastic job, my (many) other playtesters, my good friends Florent and Florence who came to see us and played some 5e goodness, and my L5R GMs: Brian-F and Phil-C.

- I will also point out the many people with whom I got to stop by and chat throughout the con: James-R, Randy-P, all the players who took a chance on FOE. To you all, I thank and salute you. If you saw me and recognized me at any point, then this section is for you.

- It has been said that you know you are having a good time when 3 hours seem like 3 minutes. Well those four days seemed like four minutes.

Now a few lows, or "how could it have been made better?"

- Throughout the cons, we had a few no-shows despite us being sold out almost from day 1. Guys, if you buy a ticket, please show up, or trade it in/exchange it for a refund. It will greatly help groups like FOE to grow in the face of Gencon.

What Lessons did we learn from Gencon this year?

- Park under where you GM. This is especially true as I spent Thursday having to run to get food, and had to skip lunch. It was not great. Yes it is expensive but being able to park and access your food/game stuff between slots is worth its weight in gold. I will not make that mistake again.

- This one I knew, and I still did it: Don't do midnight madness or any game that starts after 9PM if you GM and/or drive the next morning. It makes things so much more difficult.

- Don't go to the dealer hall. If you want to keep your cash, don't go. Just, don't. Too many shinies. Too many goodies. Too many things to own. Just don't go. But you will.

- I was quite worried about it, but Akhamet is a massive hit copies are selling very well, and I could not be more thrilled. I really think I need to produce more material for it, pronto. That will not be difficult, because there is so much to do, so much that can be done with it.


Gencon 2018 was a massive success for FOE. My two GMs just knocked it out of the park! They were awesome.

You will guess correctly, that I do plan to have FOE return next year to run some more material. ActionMan offered to GM for me, so did Will... Could we have 4 GMs?


Monday, August 13, 2018

Gencon 2018: Part 3: Saturday-Sunday

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Ahhh, Saturday... My day off! It was my day to play a game I have been doing more and more of these past years: Heroes of Rokugan/ Legend of the Five Rings. Today's multi-slot special started with a LARP.

Now I am very much a terrible LARPer: I look nothing like my characters (unless I play an orc or a troll, which I do not), I have difficulty hearing other people in loud, multi-noise situations (like my mother), and I never remember who the NPCs are and my previous relations to them.

Still, I enjoy playing them very much as I do random things and get to explore elements of my character (who has many, many flaws). It gives me a chance to play and explore the setting and meet a lot of people.

So the set up for this day-long craziness was as such: there is a war between the Crab and Lion clans over some points of honor. The first part, the morning LARP had these two clans seeking allies, along with a number of side-quests including deciding the imperial adviser. It was one of the LARPs I liked best due to the variety of things to do - at least from my own perspective. It was also one of those that featured the most major announcement, such as a reforming of the minor clan alliance, major weddings, and a few minor ones.

As I was playing a Crane, I kept offering to people that they settle this conflict with a contest of ikebana (floral arrangements) but they shut me down. A clash of arms was inevitable... (To be fully honest, I did not expect they would take me up on my offer, but it was worth a shot trying to convince them).

I then did a quick stopover in the dealer hall. I did not want to spend too much. I know, funny ha-ha. I first look over the plan for both Crocodile Games (who make all the Egyptian minis I use for Akhamet) and Privateer Press (I like to get their special promo mini). No croc games on the map. So I head to PP only to be told that they were sold out of the special mini. I wandered the hall a little, first getting my Crystal Caste Promo dice. Next I went to the location Crocodile Games were last year. I stopped by Sea Dog Game Studio, who make 3d printed ships, my eye drawn by a Greek-style ship. Turns out, they were out of them, but I got his card and will be in touch with him later.

Then I reached the far end of the hall where I found Crocodile Games... DANG IT. I got a bunch of Greek and Egyptian packs. After that, I just ran out of the hall, not looking at anything, not stopping, until I was WELL clear of the room.

I stopped by Pathfinder to say hello to my friend Florence and then returned to my car to drop the bag and get some food.

The afternoon was the battle itself. The Crane sided with the Lion clan, so my little shugenja went off to war once again... My team was composed of a mounted Lion bushi, two Mantis (1 water shugenja, 1 brawler bushi), and three Crane (the other two were courtiers wielding bows, and me).

The battle pretty much went as expected: I tried to keep everyone alive and prevent as much fighting and death as possible. But those people really wanted to kill each other. Once again, I suffered from epileptic fits during the fight, which forced me to change clothing during the adventure.

The battle did not go very well for our army. The crab are well-used to fighting in a defensive style and in spite of some initial success, we moved back into the outskirts of battle, with our battlecry: FOR IKEBANA!!!

Funny scene. During the final phase of the battle, our commander told us to withdraw to make sure the army had a place to fall back. Blocking our path out were 3 Hida warriors (massive dudes in heavy armor wielding tetsubo) backed by 2 Hiruma archers (armored archers). Our group was pretty hurt by that time and withdrawal was not a bad order. So I cast a spell that granted me great protection from attack (I did not want to get beat up). The other maneuvered to engage the enemy. I shout at them that I will make sure we can obey our orders and I summon a massive fog covering everyone. I begin running to pass through the enemy line.

And I ran again the following round, exiting the fog, feeling quite happy that I avoided the battle and provided my comrades with a way out. Then the next round, I ran again.

After two rounds of running, I stopped, looking back at the fog cloud and finding myself alone.

As I looked around, I could see Crab infantry moving in that would complete the encirclement and the likely end of our army. At that time, I stopped and called that information to the others, whom I thought may already be dead. Following my last orders, I moved away. A moment later my fellow Crane came out, along with out genso (officer). The other two did not leave.

Why? Both of them had the overconfident flaw and they thought they could beat the enemy, so they stayed and fought on. Both were eventually captured and ransomed home. It ended with both generals facing each other and dying in classic samurai fashion.

In the end, my plan was to promote peace within the empire, and I manage to participate meaningfully in a battle without dealing a single point of damage to the enemy. While never a very offensive-minded spellcaster, I was able to protect my people enough that I gave all of them a way out, had they not been overconfident and insisted on staying behind.

After that, I engaged in the worse mistake of the con.

Since it was barely 9pm, I was approached by others to play one of the adventures leading up to the events I just played (remember, I've been GMing throughout Gencon...) So I signed up. It seems everyone was just getting food and we'd start. We used the opportunity to talk about this and that. Took part in an interested debate about a number of socially touchy subjects. Debating and arguing with people with different perspective on issues is something I've been doing forever and that I rather enjoy.

Ten o'clock came by and I said "well guys, I can't wait any longer, I have to GM in the morning and therefore, I have to leave." Just then our GM returned from fetching food and so we set up. It took another 45 minutes before we were ready to go.

The game was good, Phil did a great job, but we took the wrong adventure. At 3AM, I decided I had to go. There was a lot of diplomacy left to do and I just had to sleep. Remember, I had a game at 8...

So I drove on home, found myself stuck in a police-induced traffic jam but finally crashed.


I had already been up a good portion of Sunday... The sleep took the edge off and I was functional and active for my game. It was great to see a number of repeat customers from the year before AND from the rest of the con.

I ran the second Akhamet adventure, Dying of the Day which featured characters from either the Akhamet iconics OR the Mythic Greek iconics, creating a fun mix. I ended up with four Akhameti characters, one Greek, and one Idelgo from Rhym (he played him last year and wanted to play him again). It is a naval adventure filled with interesting role-play opportunities featuring an NPC not-so-loosely based on Zap Branigan...

The game over, I handed in all my paperwork, said my goodbyes to everyone and hopped back into my car.

The trip back was difficult. Not having slept well the previous night... Let's not do this again. I did drink a LOT of coffee and sweet stuff to stay awake, got home and crashed.

Gencon was over. I was home safe. I was ready for more.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Gencon 2018: Part 2: Thursday-Friday

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Full of nerves and excitement, I could not sleep so my alarm found me quite awake and showered. From there, I headed to the Walmart just over the interstate to get some food items that would last me the con: sliced turkey, cheese (provolone and swiss), wheat bread and strong mustard. I also bought chips and oreos. Not fully healthy, but enough to keep me going, have a quick turnaround time for meals. Most of it good stuff, a little junk food to feel like I'm doing things right.

Isabelle was running "Mad Despot of Hellsmere" set in Saggakar while I would run "Come to the Hills" set in Rhym. On the rare occasion I got to look her way, I could see the side smirks she gave as her players tried to understand exactly what was happening. It is a tale of madness after all.

Come to the Hills can best be described as very old-school D&D, hitting the major tropes of games I played when I was a teenager. An interesting amount of twists and turns to keep you off-balance, but you are never completely lost in what is going on.

For the evening, we both ran Akhamet's Lost Pyramid of Neferheket. Again, while serving as an introduction to the setting, this hits the classic tropes you would expect from such an adventure. Isabelle and I both enjoyed watching the PCs go through the many twists and turns of the plot.

Before I knew it, I was walking back to my car headed back to my hotel...

A lot more gaming to come...


I got up, ran to McD's for a mcmuffin, but really, I wanted the large coffee. I find their coffee better-tasting than the burned sewer water sold at Starbucks. As an aside, I must give big kudos to the Marriott Starbucks for offering 1$ refills... That is amazing and kept my coffee budget low.

So armed with food and caffeine, I was heading back to the Marriott for day two.

Today, J-S was going to run the Rhym adventure while I moved to do the Saggakar event. Another whirl of a day: great table. JS is one dang hell of a great GM, more than once I saw him do thing and went "That's not really in the mod". You know, that thing every writer says and does. But the look of puzzlement, terror, and excitement at his table, I reminded myself to let him do his thing. I AM SO GLAD I DID. As we talked at the end of the day, I could not help but go "OMG YES! That's even better than what I have in there!" Great work, dude.

Again, the evening had us both running Neferheket. Fun times again...

Friday, August 10, 2018

Gencon 2018: Part 1: Before Gencon

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Before Gencon

Like all Gencons since 2014, the con really started way back when for me... It started when I had to submit a program. This year, I wanted to do something simpler. After having to blast six adventure during the summer, I wanted to have some time to myself. Summer was going to be filled with exciting things to do and I wanted to enjoy it. Trips, friends, gaming, cons.

For the adventures, I offered a program that was basically the same as Origins, but adding a special adventure. I'll admit, I had but a fuzzy idea of what I wanted to do with it at the time: I wanted to use my ships. More on the specifics of the writing of the adventure will have to wait.

I ran the adventures a few times as slot zeroes to Isabelle, JS, and a few brave souls... So everything had been run at least once before Gencon.


The trip up to the con will be forgotten quickly as nothing of note happen: open road all the way up I-65 between Nashville and Indy.

I got there "early", sat on my bed and began writing while something played on the TV. I did not sleep particularly well, but good enough.

Of note, my hotel was on the south loop of I-265, ten minutes to the convention center, fifteen in the morning traffic. I chose not to share... I needed my beauty sleep (as in, I need a lot of sleep to be beautiful, and I don't sleep a lot).

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Akhamet Released, New Campaign Toolkits

With FOE Legacies rapidly approaching its 5 years of operations, now is time to go through and update a lot of the files for the campaign. Not only is a good shake up beneficial it injects new life into a campaign.

I am very happy to announce the release of the Akhamet Campaign, inspired by Ancient Egypt. Pharaoh ruled for 25 centuries but earlier this year, the High Priest announced he was dying. Akhamet and all its content will be incorporated into the Legacies Organized Play Campaign.

For your continued support, you get to be the First to know of the release of this exciting campaign setting!

I have just given the Legacies Campaign Toolkits a major overhaul and added a bunch of new things to it. Check it out, it is free!

In the last year, the Legacies campaign has gone from a purely Pathfinder-back campaign to now being a purely 5th edition campaign. As part of this change a lot of things had to change.

- If you had a Legacies character built using the Pathfinder system, create a new starter (3rd level) character. Keep all your favor points, as your new character is assumed to have performed these actions. Contact us directly if you received a unique item for an updated version (yes, your character keeps the item).

- If you never played Legacies, we organize our games mostly through our Facebook Group. We are always looking for additional players (and GMs). Make a character or play one of our flavorful (and interesting) iconic characters. With the upcoming release of the Akhamet setting, this means you can pick up to 24 characters (6 for Saggakar, 6 for Rhym, 6 for Akhamet, and now 6 from Mythic Greece).

- This update to the Toolkit, includes two maps: One of Akhamet and one of the ArchDespotate of Faremh, 24 pre-genrate iconic characters, and the updated 2018 Character creation Guide.

You can see out ever-growing list of character resources on our revamped website:

Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you at the gaming table at Gencon!


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hypericon 2018 in Nashville AAR Part 2

Part 1

Sunday morning came too early, but the kids and I, made our way back, this time with more mcmuffins. I asked Kitty if she wanted to come, but she was not interested. Attendance, as is typical for Sunday morning was low. So none of my games went off that morning. More time in the arcade, playing pinball. By the time 11 came rolling in, I packed my stuff and went around with the kids, shopping, talking to other writers. Letting them show me what they thought was coolest.

I sat down with Jojo - ActionMan went back to the arcade - for the end of a panel on anthologies, something I am interested in.

The next one was on Urban Fantasy, a topic I know Jojo is interested in because she reads a lot of it. As a writer, is there a better way to learn about these things? The panel and I share the opinion that defining these sub-genre is difficult. I have difficulty keeping track of them, mostly because I'm not big on them myself, so they blend into "Teens with magic somehow", but the panel sorted out a few things. I left knowing a little more. It's still not my thing but if I wanted to write for it, I have a few leads.

The next panel was one I was part of, "Selling books without being annoying". Now I must've been off for that panel. Entertaining, but off. I thought this was selling yourself/ your brand. So some of my topics may have been odd. Still I am lucky I attended this one because I learned a few good tricks I will use going forward. Now I am not a salesman. I can be, but it is not something that is natural to me. I'll get back to this later.

After that, we had an hour to pass and we attended a panel on Villanous. I thought this would be a guide to being a villain. Which it kinda was. A guy cosplaying as the main character in the show, introduced us to that show. It was funny, and he did not break character which made the presentation funnier. The kids liked it a lot.

Then I had my final panel: Gamer Shark Tank. As it was the end of the con this one did not go off, but I spoke with a pair of teachers from Davidson County schools (that's Nashville's county) about organizing a D&D club at the school. I would be willing to donate some FOE material to schools starting/ running a program for the kids. Contact me with details.

Lessons & Resolutions

I was glad to offer FOE products for the Charity Auction. I know they sold, but I wasn't able to know how much they went for. In addition to the books, I offered to run a game for the winners and run a special game for them that would have some elements that would bind the setting.

I think next year, I may opt to get a Booth or Table and only run games during the evening. This would keep in line with the "Focus on my business" resolution. With Akhamet being out now, I now feel like I have enough of a variety of products to offer different things to potential customer, more than "just" a game experience. With any luck, I may get more players than I expected for my games, create more of a buzz.

My father and my brother are natural salesmen and they are awesome at it. Me? Not so much. I hate to bother people and that is what I feel I am doing. People at cons see what we are doing, the quality of our products. How it improved like crazy from our first products in October of 2013. I grew a lot myself since that time, as a person, as a writer, as a publisher.

So Hypericon was a great success for FOE. Maybe not in the sales dept, but in the realm of learning and opening my eyes to additional avenues of expanding my business.

The kids really loved the Cosplayers and the variety of them.

I will return next year for sure.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Hypericon 2018 in Nashville AAR Part 1

On July 6-8, I was a Featured Guest at this year's Hypericon and as far as I know, the one gaming guest. I was contacted by my friend Alison-R with whom I worked on products long, long ago. Products that never made it to print for many bad reasons. Regardless, we both kept in touch and when I moved to Nashville, we kept meeting each other at writers and cons. It was really cool to be invited and I created two adventures for the Akhamet setting.

I had plans to take Jojo one day and ActionMan the next. My schedule was tightened by the fact that we had been invited to a massive Fourth Of July event on the event. But Alison and Miranda (the gaming overseeress) created a schedule that allowed me to attend all my events, and run a few games.

Friday evening, I had Jojo with me. I was due to run games that night. When I asked her whether she wanted to play D&D or go about and check out the many cosplayers and shop... well she disappeared I did not see her again until much later that evening.

I had planned short 2 hour adventures back to back, making a 4h block if I had people. One thing I learned is that when going to convention where you are unfamiliar with the attendance and are not certain of what is happening, create short events that you can expand.

So I ran a short adventure called "The Lost Temple of Seth" which served to introduce concepts of Akhamet to the players. We played for all 4h, with one player swapping out at the mid-point to attend a performance. Great tables of guys!

During that second slot, Jojo returned and was ready to do. My phone was also filled with selfies and pictures of cosplayers. Talking to her, she had a great time and was sad when I told her ActionMan would be coming the next day.

Saturday morning, ActionMan and I left for the con early, had some mcmuffins and from 9-11, we played at the video arcade. Classic games like the Simpsons fighting game and Double Dragon. Games that were awesome when I was 12-13 (for Double Dragon).

At 11, the guys returned and we played another adventure. This one had more lore about the setting. But in 2h, I kept it short and sweet. ActionMan kept warning the guys of the type of evil person I was and I felt awesome. That my kids become suspicious of a man who smiles too much...

At 1pm, I participated in a panel about "Encounters to scare your PCs" where Art and I provided a number to tricks to would-be GMs on how to scare their players. This was a very interesting panel in that since there were two of us, we got to bounce ideas off each other in a dynamic I thought was really entertaining. Heck! I was on the panel and thought it was awesome to listen to!

My 2pm panel was "Self-Publishing for Authers and Gamers". Now I do not remember the names of all the people on the panel, there was Louisville's own Lydia Sherrer and a lady who wrote some steampunk. This was another interesting dynamic where we shared our path to publishing. I got a few really good ideas that I will be implementing in the coming months. Although publishing for gaming and publishing for RPGs is different, there are still a lot of similarities. For example, taking writing classes has improved the quality of my writing of RPG material I know for sure. I don't look at written material the same way I did.

After that panel, we headed back home to get ready for some BBQ (my friend Hope and her husband Russel were grilling and bbqing). The massive potluck left my belt tight and wondering why I did not come wearing stretch pants or shorts... The hour-long fireworks display to patriotic music was just awesome. A great time was had by everyone in the family.

BiggestRayRay was there and filmed it all. His quality is amazing! And I even get a talking part, next to my lovely wife... find us at the 1:38 mark! That will give you an overview of the awesomeness of the event.

However, check the fireworks that span the final 5 minutes of his vid. Sensational!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Pre-Gencon Updates... What's happening

A few random notes on what has been happening behind the scene. Hopefully giving you an idea of why I have become something of a recluse in my own blog.

Gencon Updates

I have just done the biggest purchase of FOE promo and books at once ever. With Gencon approaching and the release of Akhamet approaching, I got a first run of Akhamet books, the (expanded and redone) map of Akhamet, a banner, and finally new shirts for Isabelle, JS, and I to wear at the con. I cannot explain how very excited this makes me. Akhamet is the product that has so many of you really excited about.

I will have to make myself a new set of holder for my banners to accommodate both my Akhamet and the one for Saggakar and Rhym. I may have to do a "composite" so I don't have to swap them. I don't quite know yet. Those banners have been a massive help to me to draw the eye and get people talking about the product.

With more FOE games than ever getting run at Gencon, this promises to be a memorable year for us. It is even more exciting to know that everything is sold out already!

I will post some pictures of the unboxing of all those goodies.

Now that said, I am behind the ball on writing the final adventure, my Sunday morning madness. I need to frame it better because I don't really like what I have right now. So I need to refine the product. I'm not (yet) worried about it.

Okay, I am worried about. But that's because I worry about everything, so by worrying, I'm not worrying.

Gencon Slot Zeroes

Those are in full swing! I will be running them in the next two weeks (the two I still need to do, Rhym and Saggakar). If you are interested and available, go check out our Facebook Group to be appraised the times, and when.

Akhamet Updates

I made a change to the Akhamet deluxe/regular editions. The regular edition will be in black and white on plain white paper. The cream/yellow looked awesome but some of the graphics just did not look right.

I plan to release the book official the day before Gencon (so August 1st). There *might* be a few books floating before that, for collaborators, and the like.

Other writing Updates

I have three major books in the works right now.

Tyrants of Saggakar Houses of Faremh expands on the background of the House of the First Ones from Faremh. Details the three major, and many minor ones. This book includes a series of stat blocks for BOTH 5th Edition and Pathfinder.

Gostor Centaurs, Fauns, Nymphs, and Sphinxes adds to the races of Mythic Greece.

DM's Guild City of Dust is a Ravenloft-style project I have been working on and adding more and more stuff to it. Ravenloft is perhaps the best place to put this adventure because it could be set anywhere. It touches on themes from a lot of different settings from the FOEniverse...


The kids are playing more often, and they are getting quite good at 5th Edition. I have been running adventures for them, mixing the different FOEniverse world. We are now playing in Rhym where they are exploring a mansion in a swamp in the lands of the Dorian Republic. This adventure is dubbed "Jojo's adventure" because all they encountered were bugs, snakes, crawlies, and other things Jojo is a big fan of.

I have been playing with other youngsters, introducing my friend Donan and his son with my own kids... They seem to enjoy it.

I am running an on-again off-again campaign set in Akhamet the players are really enjoying thus far. There were naval battles, odd traps, and more goodness...

Saturday, June 30, 2018

[ArcadiaQuest] Angel Court

Here are Will's Angels assembled in a single group.

If you have an eagle eye, you will notice that one of the angels was not added here previously... so here is it. The painter's highlight on this one for me is the hair, which is not quite blonde, not quite white, but somewhere in the middle.