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Monday, October 12, 2015

[Frostgrave] More Adventurers

More minis from Reaper Bones II.

These two ladies served as Kitty's wizardess and her (wo)man-at-arm. She really liked them.


[30 Days of DnD] Day 12: Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

I have to say "the castle". Having had the chance of visiting quite a few, they always fascinate me and still do to this day. Not only did they have a military vocation, but they were places where common, everyday people lived and breathed (some would say breed, which is also true).

Their construction fascinate me: their location, the materials used, the time it took, the skills required, the engineering requirements, and the ingenuity required fascinates to me. Definitely my favorite.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

[Frostgrave] Two Knights

I have painted these guys from the Reaper Bones II. They will serve us as Frostgrave knights and/or RPG characters.


[30 Days of DnD] Day 11: Favorite adventure you ran

Again a lot of choice. I will go with 93-LC-03 Sugar and Spice and see the PCs screw themselves knowingly. It is a delightful adventure to run as a GM. The NPCs in that adventure are also quite meaningful with goals that are very relatable. In many ways, it is one of the adventures I would love someone to write for me...

If I were to specify an adventure that had been written by someone else... I would think of Ron Lundeen's TUS3-01 Haunted House of Bin-Khadij, and I also loved the lore and story of Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. I'd have to go with those two.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

[30 Days of Dnd] Day 10: Craziest thing you saw

Well so many of them... but I have to say the icing on the cake is my buddy Steve who, while playing Call of Cthulhu managed to live so long with a Luck of 30 while other PCs constantly out-shined him with better skills, "Steve St-James" became something of a local legend. He lived through so many adventures before finally getting what was coming to him. And we were all sad.

I would like to add the wooing of a few maiden fair with some strange dice rolling through some verbiage that... well... should not be repeated. But then a '20' came up and well things came together and love ruled the day...


Friday, October 9, 2015

[Friday of the Dead] Desert Mummies

This pre-Halloween series will feature a number of undead miniatures I painted for use with various RPGs. I have also grown interested in Frostgrave, a Mordheim-like skirmish game I read a lot of positive things about online. So I decided to buy it on a whim and hopefully get to play it with the family.

These four mummies came with the Reaper Bones II set. I decided to speed-paint them, and they took little more than a few minutes to complete each, minus the time to wait for the magic dip to dry. The result was as expected: quick and effective, but not overly spectacular. As wondering monstrosities however... they will do nicely.


[30 Days of DND] Day 9: Favorite Character you haven't played

This one is harder... Character concepts that I like, I usually end up making. I guess a gruff non-dwarf based on Paul Teutel Sr from Orange County Chopper might be the one concept I haven't played. I am worried it might get old fast.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

[30 Days of DnD] Day 8: Favorite Character you played

I have had a number of characters I really loved to play: from the womanizing Mousset (see his wanted poster), to the heroic Sir Azrel (see his sponsorship), even my Warhammer FRP character (read his epic finale), or the young scholarly witch, Katja Alterborg (which I played in both the Reign of Winter AP AND in PFS).

All come into consideration... So many choices...

If I had one choice, I would most likely select Werner (von Breslau-Giersbergen), the metro-sexual priest of Sigmar. He had so many awesome quirks and (mis)adventures because of those quirks, that he was a blast to play, regardless of his skill and abilities. He ended up rather formidable in the end, being the sole survivor of a fight with a god-like thing.

Mario's ability to integrate each players' subplot into a greater whole really made this game and the characters within memorable. I have a number of posts on that campaign and the character: See the Warhammer FRP posts.

Shout-out to Mario, Sarah, and Mike-M who made that campaign awesome.


More Art from Irene

Art is rolling in! Here are the sketches for Awelara, Kraan and Korb. I like the sexy-but-not-slutty Awelara, Kraan's scruffy clothing and Korb's staff and look. He looks mad...


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Commissions: Three Adventurers

Here are three adventurers I painted I will be giving up for charity auction. All of these came from the Reaper Bones II set. The details are really not as crisp as the metal ones.

The first one is from the Pathfinder set. He is a somewhat generic adventurer.

This second model I converted in a few ways. The original model is one of the bugbears. I did a headswap with a beastman. Then I altered the horns. The result is another anuka warrior. That one will go into my Tyrants of Saggakar minis box.

This third mini is a barbarian. I keep thinking this dude will end up as one of the wizards for Frostgrave.


[30 Days of DnD] Day 7: Favorite Edition

Hummm... I consider 1e and 2e to be the same and stopped playing that for 10+ years because I found them inflexible and limited compared to other games out there.

I have been playing 3e since January of '03. And have been enjoying it very much. Although not as free as other games, it did address a number of issues I had with 1e and 2e.

I disliked 4e almost from day one. Let's leave it at that.

My personal jury is still out on 5e... (I'm not over excited by it.)

So 3e/3.5/Pathfinder is definitely my favorite! With Pathfinder really taking the cake. I'm sure there are people completely floored and surprised.

Finally an easy and obvious question!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[Frostgrave] First forays into the frozen city

For months now, I have been reading about Frostgrave. Battle reports, adventure, warband building, and reviews. All of them were positive OR the few that weren't had issues with thing I didn't really care about (too small, scope too limited).

For those who do not know what Frostgrave is, it is a Mordheim-like fantasy skirmish game where every player takes on the role of a wizard (and there are 8-10 types of wizards) that travels to the ruins of the city of Frostgrave to loot its secrets and treasures. Pretty simple premise, right?

I had the kids play the roles of one wizard each. To keep it simple, we did not use any magic. I wanted to get familiar with the basic rules of the game first. I built two warbands using a little variety based on model. They had thugs, knights, man-at-arms. Kitty's band was mostly composed of girls and ActionMan's band was all boys.

I used some of my terrain - trees and tents. As a base for the whole thing. It was simple, but I did not need anything more. And frankly, it looked pretty good as a battle site: a few narrow funnels created by the tents and the trees.

So we had Kitty the Fire Wizardess vs ActionMan the Primed! Their forces were (I go from memory here):

ActionMan's Warband: Wizard, Apprentice, 2x knights, 1x man-at-arms, 2x thugs 1x warhound

Kitty's Warband: Wizard, Apprentice (with sword), 1x knights, 1x man-at-arms, 1x infantry man, 2x thugs, 1x thief

JP's Warband: I played the GM and the monsters. Next time around I will have a warband of my own.

The Clash: Turn 1

Kitty placed her models in a rather haphazard way, seeking to visit the board while ActionMan bunched his guys with the clear intent of going to take as much treasure as he could.

The Clash: Turn 1

Both forces move forward. ActionMan grabs two treasures and one of them reveals two skeletons! Kitty's moves are still quite random.

The Clash: Turn 3

Kitty grabs a treasure and then a big melee brawl featuring many knights arise in the center of the board. This fight would last until the end of the game with the flow going from one side to the other.

The Clash: Turn 4+

In subsequent turns, a giant rat appeared and got quickly squished by one of ActionMan's thugs.

The Result

My wife called it around the 6th or 7th turn. By then the game had devolved into a number of ineffectual melees. ActionMan took four treasures to Kitty's two. There was only one casualty: Kitty's infantry man died.

ActionMan REALLY loved the game and he asked that we keep the warbands for another game. Kitty seemed to enjoy herself also. Jojo was really annoyed that she had to go to bed before the others... Especially since she refused to play...

What I did wrong

   - Double move After a few turns I remembered the double-move rule. By then I decided to just let the kids play on as we had before.

   - Shooting rolls That one I COMPLETELY bungled. From what I can see, shooting is rather useless in this game. I wonder why one would bother using them. I will have to try it again.

   - Spells Quite simply, we did not use any spells in the game. This will be for next game.

   - Weapon Damage Once the game started, I completely forgot that some weapons had different damage, particularly the thugs with two handed weapons and staffs. Not a biggy as we were trying out the rules. This could be one of the reasons our combats went on and on without any damage.

What I really liked

   - Quick flow The game flows very quickly, having both players constantly engaged in doing something. The phases are clear and flow well. I like the way the phases are separated, encouraging small retinue-style action.

   - Random Encounters This was one of the elements of the game I was most warry of. At some random time, monsters may appear, adding chaos to the game. They do indeed add a layer of surprise. Now you can't be sure that your flank is fully secure when surprise a group of skeletons appear in your rear.

   - Treasures I remembered playing Mordheim and Necromunda. Gathering treasure and loot was secondary to killing the enemy. You got WAY more per kill than for loot. Well Frostgrave is the opposite. You want to move in get some stuff and run out before you get yourself killed. It gave me some opportunities to use some of the misc terrain I had.

   - Use any model This will sound a little petty perhaps, but something I thought was really cool. I used a variety of models: bugbears as thugs. However, I could image a more themed warband with dwarves or elves. Which makes me think of a Saggakar plugin for Frostgrave... Fun...

What I would've like to have

   - I would've loved a cheat-sheet with the basic game math. As it stands a lot of the very important stuff is "stuck" in paragraphs and does not appears as a simple and clear mathematical operations. I'm sure there is such a thing on the internet and I will search for it before our next game. Tonight?


[30 Days of DnD]Day 6: Favorite Deity

This question is one that holds particular interest for me. I am personally interested in religion, but not "just" the theological implications of religion, but also the sociological, philosophical, and political ramifications of it. So when answering this question, I have to ponder such concerns.

From Saggakar, I am extremely partial to the Dark Gods of the First Ones. I love the progression they have and how they mimic life. From youth and rebellion (The Zeal), to middle age and conquest (The Warrior), to older age and dominion (The Law). These "deities", make sense to me as guides and mimicking worshipers' way of life. They provide a path of life, set goals, form political lines and create natural alliances among worshipers. Yet they are not "true" deities, instead being deification of the First Ones themselves.

See... that philosophy reference?

From other pantheon, I will admit to liking the Greco-Roman Hermes/ Mercury. As the god of travel, commerce, and messenger of the gods. I think he has a portfolio that is really cool. Not only that, but through the addition of local attributes, he was associated with a number of gods throughout the ancient world: such as Anubis in Egypt and Lugh in Celtic lands.

Not to mention that, as messenger of the gods, he is associated with Nyarlathotep...


Monday, October 5, 2015

[Cryx Monday] or [Merc Monday] Here are (more) Cephalyx

Here are the rest of the Cephalyx. Featuring the mind slaver and rest of the drudges. I don't have much to say about them really...


[30 Days of DnD] Day 5: Favorite Dice Set/ Individual Die

My favorite dice set is very easy: It's my "Imperial Simpsons" dice set. It is purple and gold with a "DOHP" instead of the '1' on every dice. I make a point of reading the dice every time it comes up.

This set comes with a story... (of course!) Back in 2007, my good friend Homer, his nephew Ryan and I (shout-out to the two of you!) took a trip to attend MountainCon in Salt Lake City. A ten hour drive in the civic. Ah well. Fun times. We bonded a lot during that trip. We played mod after mod of Nyrondese goodness. It was a fun trip overall, now drowned in my half-asleep brain.

The toughest questions is which is my favorite individual die. I do like my Paizo D20 because it is pretty big and I can shout "PAIZO!!!" every time I get a 20 (which is usually on something useless like initiative)...