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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gencon 2017 AAR Part 1

With another Gencon in the books, it is now time to review its highlights.


Wednesday was perhaps the longest day of the year. With updates from Indy filtering through my phone, and the instant messages letting me know how awesome things were and were people were drinking. If you sent me or posted such an update on that day, then you managed to make my day go on and on...

4:30 rolled in and we discovered a bug in the code. Nothing new, something that has been there for a while, so I was able to leave in spite of it. We had a plan to address it when I'd return, so things were fine.

I go on the road around 5:30 CDT and drove up to Kentucky. I expected rain all the way through, but was only hit with a heavy downpour in the Nashville area.

I slept at the Motel 6 in Indianapolis East. I will simply say this: I didn't pay very much and I got what I paid for.

Sleep was difficult to come by, mostly because I was so excited and could not wait for the con to start.


Morning came and I showered, checked everything once more. My heart raced in my chest as I drove to the JW Marriott. I got there really early (it was barely 7AM when I got to my room and table). I walked the miles to the GM HQ to get my badge, tickets, and all the paperwork I would need.

I was back and set up all my stuff to run my game. It was House Cleaning an adventure that is simple, well at least that's what I thought... However, the players quickly understood the complexities presented to them and why what seemed at first very simple turned out not to be so... I really enjoyed running it.

The second adventure was The Sorrowful Lady. An adventure I wrote with more than a little humor, which when placed into Saggakar becomes a dark farce. Part tragedy, part comedy. It has some highly memorable NPCs therein.

My third and final slot of the day was the special, The Assar Gambit that took the PCs back to the Wastelands - a region a few people visited at Lexicon. I was very anxious to write more about it. I had to strip out some of material out of the Lexicon adventure and used it as the base for this one. The group that came really played into the story. And even went wild on some elements, with PCs playing dirty tricks on each other, with results that will have to be written in the campaign.

One down. I survived and rode high into the second day.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Four new adventures!

I just released four adventures for Legacies. Now you may ask "why only some in one game and not the other". Simple: Time. I have to prioritize one over the other.

Pathfinder RPG

These two adventures are "short" adventures usable a introductory adventures meant to be played in about two hours.

ToS2-04A - Service and Rewards - House Faremhi A slave-hunting adventure.

ToS2-04B - Family Treasure A test of truth and family relations.

5th Edition

These two adventures are "short" adventures usable a introductory adventures meant to be played in about two hours.

ToS2-54B - Family Treasure A test of truth and family relations.

ToS2-55 - As Oracles and as Warnings A full-length adventure set in Spiderfen.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


First Ones Entertainment

It's been a long time coming... I am currently putting the finishing touches on a revamped For a few years now, the site lay partially completed, in a state I really did not enjoy much. But I did not have the time or the inspiration to complete the re-work.

Fast forward to July 2017.

As I stared at the blank page of one of my Gencon adventures, I began to draw on a spare piece of paper some squares. Just simple shapes. As I stacked together more and more boxes, inspiration struck and I immediately knew how I wanted the site to look like.

I put down a few things, such as ideas how to use the awesome art Irene and others produced for me. I giggled and laughed like a madman as the whole thing began to take shape.

Then the laughing stopped abruptly. I knew how I wanted it to look... Now I had to actually make it. I spent a few evenings trying to fix the site as it was, with JQuery and Javascript only... but it did not look as I wanted. I just could not get it exactly as I wanted.

So I dropped everything. Literally. I decided I would use a different type of technology, one I was not very familiar with. Oh yes, I've done and worked on a number of ASP.NET sites over the years, but this one was the first one I would build FOR ME. To fulfill my vision.

Many sleepless nights followed before I published my project to and began to testing it, making sure the links worked as I expected. And I liked what I see... It is simple, usable and quick... Just like my vision.

TLDR New look for

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Eeeeek! A Spider!

This one is my daughter's favorite... as we can make her scream every time we show her... A Reaper Bones spider...

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Fellowship Of The Ring (ish)

I happened on this lot of minis by pure accident, one of the many "cheap bids" I often do on Ebay.

It was a joy to paint them.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

New year, New Logo, New Map

For the past three weeks on the Legacies Facebook group I have conducted a poll over what you guys wanted to see next. But in the end, you (yes I'm pointing at YOU) have chosen to go with a civil war! I cannot quite blame you as such a thing has been brewing in the ArchDespotate pretty much from the moment Hellebora ascended to the throne.

So I went ahead and created a new logo for this coming year.

And while I was at it, I updated the Faremh map some.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

[Terrain Thursday] Tents

These rocks/ tents/ troglodyte homes were made originally for Lexicon. I used paper maché and pieces of a drink carrier from a fast food place.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Reaper Drow

I originally painted this guy with a Prince Larome from Tyrants of Saggakar as my original idea had him be a villain the PCs could fight. However, as I wrote on (and on), the scenario where he became an immediate adversary became less and less likely. It is still there, not completely gone.

So when Will needed a drow character, I immediately thought of this guy! I think he will be great on a gaming table.

Monday, July 3, 2017

New art and Rhym surprises

I teased you all about Irene's latest work for a while now... but here it is!

You will recognize two of Rhym's iconic characters: Nightshade the Darkling Monk and Fahran the Tiefling cleric.

In other great news, JD was invited as a guest to the Imaginareum convention in Louisville, KY! I will be there running some Rhym material, including some new adventures. If you are in the Louisville area, stop by and say hello to us!.

You can get the Rhym Campaign Setting through Amazon.Com (softcover) or the PDF at DriveThruRPG or RPGNow

Gencon nearly sold out

Today is the last day to pre-register for Gencon. I still have Pathfinder tickets left for Friday morning and afternoon.

Everything else is SOLD OUT! All the 5e Saggakar, All the Rhym, and one slot of Pathfinder-Saggakar.

A huge thank you to everyone who made FOE one of your stops during Gencon. We appreciate it very much.

If you want to sign up, here are the Saggakar slots available Click here to go to

Saturday, July 1, 2017

I need YOUR help

Year Three is nearly upon us, seeing how Gencon is just around the corner, I wanted to ask a few questions of you all.

Having tabulated the results of the tables from Origins, I am left with a few decisions to make... Namely what will be the central event of 786IC in the ArchDespotate. I have a number of ideas but think input is important. Here are short versions of where the main story line will build up:
- Civil War House Faremi has still not accepted ArchDespot Hellebora and have been building their army for over a year now. In 786 they would make their claim public, with the strength of their armies.
- External War Last year, you visited two foreign nations: Brumis and the Assar Wastelands. In 786, the ArchDespotate would fight against one of these nations.
- Invasion Similar to the External war, but this time, the ArchDespotate is attacked by an external force: perhaps the Fleshburners in the south or the Assar barbarians.
- Ongoing old war This effectively maintains the situation as it is, as everyone tries to place their pawns in the inevitable struggle for the crown.

Do you have a preference? Any other ideas?

I will be running a poll on the Legacies Facebook group for the next two weeks. .

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Writing Update: Before Gencon

I mentioned when I came back from Origins that I was filled with ideas... well I am. I am nearing completion of the next expansion book for Tyrants of Saggakar. I planned on writing a small book, somewhere around four to five thousand words.

This is not to be... As I started putting ideas down and down.

And down.

And down.

The book has almost doubled my initial estimation and may be up to ten thousand words! I am waiting to get in touch with one of my authors who will likely add even more material to the book (if she wants).

Following that, I need to complete my adventures for Gencon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Commissions Will's Adventuring Party

I was talking to Will and he mentioned he planned on buying a bunch of miniatures for his newest 5e party. I mentioned that I most likely had whatever he needed. The only thing I did not have was a male halfling sorcerer. So I painting him one from the StoneHaven collection!

I Like how the crystal came out with a flat shine. His hair came out in a classic black and blue, like classic Superman...

And thus here is the assembled party I built for him. It is a mix of Reaper, StoneHaven and Oathsworn.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cryx Monday: A Monstruosity

This is a guy I got from the Undercity game. I am not interested in the game itself, but it was well-worth the minis! I will be posting more of them in the coming days.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Commission: Throne of the Dwarven King

A few weeks ago, my buddy Bjorn asked me if I wanted to paint something for him. We met at a local restaurant and he handed me this wonderful piece from his Reaper Bones. At the time I suffered from major jealousy because my own box was still days before it shipped.

He had a single request: to give the dwarf a silver right arm. It's hard to see from the picture but it is there.

Personal highlight include the silver piece behind the throne. I wanted a metallic piece that was tarnished... Like a piece of silver that hasn't been fully cleaned. My mother used to have silver cutlery and should have to clean them every few years or they would turn black. That is the effect I was going for and it looks pretty good to me... Hope he's as thrilled about it as I am.

Update: I finally got my Bones.