Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Relic Knight: Doctrine Delphyne

Over two years ago, I backed a Kickstarter for a new game called Relic Knight. The project was almost two years late. Late enough for me to declare it a loss. However, as I was at Gencon this year, I received this package with my miniatures! FINALLY!

I quickly opened the package, built up the minis and placed them on my painting table.

And... that's where the love I had kinda died. These models are such a different painting style to my own that I have difficulty figuring out how to do them right... The models are nice, but I wonder about many of them surviving table usage.

This one is one of the bulkier models and one I liked but could not get inspired to do anything with... I hesitated then gave her a "simple" red riding hood paint job. She might end up in one of my daughters' Christmas stocking. We'll see.

The wolf? Oh don't worry its coming... Patience, young Padawan...


Monday, September 15, 2014

Cryx Monday: Reaper

Another goodies from the CincyCon Mega-lot. This time a reaper warjack. Again, I used the same rusted-up technique I used for the rest of this lot's jacks. I am not a fan of the pose, either he's too hunched to stand on his base or - as I built him - he is looking up for flyers. Too bad.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Genderbending or How I became a woman

Genderbending is something that some players really enjoy while other shy away from it. Some are uncomfortable playing someone of the opposite sex or dealing with players of another gender. Some use it just for laughs and crude jokes, and that can be off-putting.

There are so many movies about this theme: from Robin Williams' Mrs. Doubtfire to Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie, Martin Lawrence's Big Momma's House, and the old Julie Andrews' Victor-Victoria. Tyler Perry do not count. These movies make me laugh because of the strange situation the characters always end up in. In an RPG, this is pretty much the same.

A few quick points:
- Keep it appropriate for the audience not all women are wanton whores and not all men are willing to hop into bed with anything in a skirt... Hummm let me rephrase that. Not all women are whores. Men. Well... we're pigs. But I'm good with that. Play a character that COULD exist.
- We think alike more often than not Okay I'm gonna get in trouble here, but in most situations, men and women think alike. At least the type of people who become adventurers. Yes adventurers are stupid: instead of running away at the mention of dragon, they run towards it thinking of mounds of treasure. Male and female adventurers ARE a dumb breed!
- Approach this as a character If you ever did theater, this is just the same. Visualize yourself as that character, become the character, but you always know in the back of your mind that you are not the character. Have fun and explore the character.
- Have fun with it There are number of situations where a character of a different gender can be fun to play. Go with the flow.
- Don't make it weird I placed this at the end because it is the most important one. Not specific to this, but always worth mentioning. If you feel weird or creeped out by "that guy" who tries to do things in the game he most likely does not do out of game or his FanFic. Don't be afraid to ask him to stop or tone it down.. Have fun but don't make it weird (for yourself or others).

Personally? I try to play believable characters, whether they be male of female. Their gender may affect how they react to some situations, usually romantic interests, but that is not the only thing that defines them. I have no issue playing a female or male character - years ago, I started doing the following: I build a male then a female character, regardless of the game.

Thus I sometimes stack concepts I believe would be better for a male or a female character. Sometimes concepts are based on a miniature I have or would like. Other times I built them on ideas.

The one exception to the above is MMO. There I only play female characters. Why? Because I prefer looking at a woman's butt for hours than that of a man!

Try it out for yourself. Try a funny voice. Try wild movement.

But be entertaining!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FOE updates, conventions, and a wedding!

This post is a quick update on a number of projects I'm working on.

I am working with a new author on an upcoming Legacies adventure. I must say his offering is great. It will be something that is a fun challenge to run and play. And the choices are... not trivial. Just the way I like them. This one will be available during the fall.

I am also working on another one, one that may branch off into a special, multi-slot event similar to "The Battle of Durwich" I ran in the County of Urnst. After four years of campaign, I'm itching to run a large-scale battle event. Something I haven't run in a long time, and that I always thought was fun. So that's in the works.

I will be trying out a new editor, someone local (I'll be posting an interview with him in the near future). So expect more word coming on that front!

Our website FoeLegacies.Com has been updated to include more information for new and returning players. I also updated the event page to let everyone know where you can play Legacies face to face.

Finally, I want to congratulate my partner in crime, D'Anne on her recent wedding.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Cryx Mondays: More Nightwretches

More from the CincyCon mega lot, a pair of nightwretches. I included one of those I painted back in 2012. Very similar!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Funnies: The Kami of Kookies

So in case you did not know, I have been re-acquainting myself with Legend of the Five Rings by way of the Heroes of Rokugan organized play campaign.

As I was trolling Facebook, I happened upon this image my friend Lawrence-T (shout-out Pueblo!) when I saw it, I could not stop laughing. It was so funny! Imagine trying to commune with that spirit?

This also made me laugh, thinking about my February 16th post about googly eyes. And they STILL make everything better.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Menoth: Vanquisher warjack

This Warjack was part of one of a random lot I won through Ebay. As an all-metal model, I chose to paint without conversion - though I thought about adding banners to it. Again, I used that simple and clean paint job, no flames, no strange designs. Yet I think it looks real nice when placed next to the rest of the army, specifically because of that.


Friday, September 5, 2014

A new FOE Banner and Legacies at Aethercon III

I will be premiering a new adventure at Aethercon. I haven't published the name and blurbs yet, but I have two adventures in the works, one that's really awesome by a new author I'm really excited about.

The Legacies game will be Friday night at 6pm.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Commission: Priest of Menoth

A loosey from a mixed bag of minis I got. This guy will be turned into a gift for someone who's been nice this year... or is it someone who is naughty? I'm not saying. The poor fellow came without the rest of his unit. So he'll be a one-off!

Definitely a unique guy.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rant: Attend games you sign up for

This post grew out of the many posts about Gencon. I mulled over it a lot to keep it both polite, to the point, without completely roasting anyone, and with some type of path or recommendations. Something that's doable and that could help the community as a whole.

I was able to console myself by burning effigies...

Burning gamers at the stake

One thing I never understood is people’s acceptance of it’s only Sunday morning as an excuse and the annoying tendency to accept that not showing up is acceptable. I personally hold myself accountable to such events. If I say I will be there, I am. There are, of course, circumstances that dictate otherwise, and I’m tired or I stayed up playing until 5am is not a valid excuse in my book. This is GenCon (or any other con). You’ve paid to enjoy your time, so enjoy it!

You don't just ruin the fun of the GM, but you may ruin that of others who did get up who will not get to enjoy their hours of sleep.

Although I am talking about players, a close second is a Sunday morning GM who uses these same excuses to put up a crummy game – as happened to me last year, and why I avoided playing Pathfinder Society this year.

If you commit to running or participating in an event, BE ON YOUR GAME.

But more importantly, be AT your game!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Cryx Monday: The Necrotech

Another goodies from the Cincycon mega-lot. This necrotech is an interesting figure. The sculpt is good and it paints up real nice.


Sunday Funnies: Hockey imitates life

It's been so hot here in Kentucky, that I find myself thinking about the cooler days... and HOCKEY! This closes out August.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Menoth: Flameguard officer and banner

I won these in some auction... I painted them to add to my existing unit. Though the picture doesn't show it, they are all the same colors.

The banner, tho nice it VERY top-heavy and requires heavy loading the base to keep the model standing. I'm not sure I like the model for that reason.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Circle Oroboros: a new Kaya

I seems so long ago now that I painted two of these ladies! And now in a somewhat random ebay lot, I won another Kaya. I posted the Argus and Warpwolf that came with her in a previous post back in April.

One interesting part is that I seem to get my hands on a Kaya every April-ish for the past three years! I posted the first one in April of 2012, then Epic Kaya in April of 2013. And I now post a "new" one that I won in April of 2014, but that I only finished painting in August...

Now for this Kaya, I went with a caucasian skin tone whereas the other ones had a darker tone. The blue on the "armor" I don't really like, but I painted for the Boy and he wanted blue. Still, it works and goes with the other 3 models in this starter set.

I chose to add a tiger-like pattern to the cloak as a cats-and-dogs reference. Kaya is not a cat girl: she's all about the puppies!