Thursday, April 17, 2014

Menoth: pKreoss

Today's warcaster is pKreoss (as in Plastic-Kreoss). When I got to this guy, I had already painted the warjacks from the mega-lot. So I painted him with a scheme that unified the jacks with the infantry. I added the flames to his robes. I like how they came out, but after I was done, I got a different idea on how to paint them, which I later tried on Severius.

But JP, you say, you posted Severius more than two weeks ago! And you would be correct. Although I posted Severius first, I had completed Kreoss WAY before - as in December of last year. Yeah, he languished in my post queue this long. Though the reason is because I simply forgot about him...


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conglomeration: A mini con-report

This past weekend was my first time attending Conglomeration here in Louisville, KY. Actually, it was on perhaps the best of all the possible venue: less than 2 miles from my house! Such an awesome location for me!

So, a quick recap of the weekend. It started on Friday evening for me. The table of PFS I was scheduled for (Weapon in the Rift) was cancelled. AGAIN.

This was the second time that table was cancelled. The first time was at Cincycon last month. My options were to play the Confirmation (again). The rest of the games just did not call to me (actually the ones that did were already full). So I decided that I would simply leave, and take my family out. We had a nice steak dinner. It was great.

Saturday morning, I woke up early and took my two princesses. The girls love to dress up when they attend a Pathfinder session. They were so excited to get to play with our VC, Chad. They love him.

We played "Library of the Lion" together with Russel and "Buster" from Frankfurt. We did quite well in the adventure, with only one miscommunication between Chad and us. Bah in the end it didn't really matter. Does it ever matter with PFS? But that's a rant for another day.

For the rest of the day, I ran Brandon Hodge's excellent "Feast of Ravenmoor". Definitely one of my favorites among Paizo's module. The guys did very well and they managed to all survive, in spite of my best efforts to the contrary.

Sunday morning, I got there early to run the final premiere table or 93-LC-03 Sugar and Spice. After running it a few times, it really presents some of the things Legacies represent: difficult non-trivial choices presentedin a way that neither blindside the PCs nor has a clear and obvious answer.

I must say I left on a high note. Met many new people. Converted some new players to NeoExodus. Will have to organize more Neo Exodus games here in Louisville. A great weekend indeed.

I got to speak with Jake Lovell who ran the gaming room and we exchanged some views about the con. One thing i would like to see change include the con badge. Particularly for kids. I got the girls in on a technicality and only paid for 1 badge. Bad JP. Though both had a badge.

70$ for two kids for a 4h game felt excessive. I don't mind the adult badges so much but young uns should be encouraged to attend. Esp when under 12.

Denver had the best thing of all: Con Jr. Kids loved it, was convenient, exciting for them to attend. Think of it, I will tell Jake about that so he can pass on the idea to the admins.

Another thing I would like to see here in Louisville would be a purer game con. With Fandom and now ComicCon. I think Conglo has a great opportunity to position itself as the #1 Gaming event here in KY. I saw many rooms pretty much empty of people for events. Yet Saturday' gaming room was in full swing all day!

Whatever my thoughts about how to improve. It was a great event. Easily the most exciting and best run one I attended in Kentucky so far. I will definitely be back next year. And that time I hope to be able to run and offer a full spread of Legacies adventures.

I want to thank Chad who gm'd for me and the girls. A big thank to Jake and his crew who really ran everything very smoothly so I just had to show up to my tables to play or run. They pimped out my games so I got to run with full tables throughout the weekend. And of course a big thanks to the players who attended.

Thank you all very much!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gladiator Tuesdays: Exotic Weapons

A second set of gladiators. This time a number of varied weapons. I like how the spear-armed fellow could be added to a Greek/ Macedonian army, but with a non-standard spear. Also the one on the left with the buckler and falcata (forward-facing sickle-sword) I have a particular liking to.

I can't wait to play with them.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Minion Mondays: Gudrun the wanderer

Coming up on the final Minion Monday for a while as I will begin posting new things.

This is Gudrun the Wanderer, the ogrun bodyguard. A simple paint job really.


Friday, April 11, 2014

NeoExodus Legacies: The new Campaign Guide is coming!

I am including a few points of particular interest from the upcoming Legacies Campaign guide. Were is the FAQ and some errata. Yes, these are effective as of this posting.

NeoExodus Campaign Guide

Q: I can make poison with my blood, how many can I make between adventures?

A: You may start each adventure with a number of vials equal to your Constitution modifier (min. 1) at no cost.

Q: What is the base religion of the Sasori?

A: The Sasori’s base religion fits under “shamanism”.

Q: Can I play an Inquisitor/ Oracle / [any divine caster class] of the Kaga?

A: Yes.

Q: If I do play an Inquisitor/ Oracle / [any divine caster class] of the Kaga, do I count as an arcane caster?

A: No, only the Cleric of the Kaga archetype changes its magic type from divine to arcane. All other classes are unaffected. How the Kaga sponsors such worshipers is unknown.

NeoExodus Legacies Questions

Q: Can I play a rogue?

A: Yes. This was an oversight on our end. Rogues are an integral part of the NeoExodus campaign setting.

Q: Can I take a second trait?

A: No.

Q: Can I play a class from Ultimate Psionics?

A: Yes. Classes and option allowed through the additional resources are legal for play.

Q: I play a Cynean and none of the armor I found thus far is sized for me. What can I do?

A: If armor is offered to you at the end of an adventure, you may pay the base cost of the armor in extra gold to get it “sized” for you. (+100gp for a chain shirt, +1,500gp for a full plate).

Q: When can I do day jobs?

A: You can make a Day Job roll after any adventure, module, side trek, interactive. Basically any time you get a Legacy Record, you can make a Day Job. The only exception is when you get a special cert.

Q: When I use my favor points, does it lower my score with that faction?

A: No. Using a favor point does not lower your faction score.

Q: Can I use many favor points from various sources to receive NPC spell casting?

A: Yes. To receive the benefit of a raise dead spell at 4th level, you need to gather 10 favor points. The origin of these favors can be from any nation or faction, as long as your current score with that faction is not negative.

Q: Are the “Treasures of Exodus” used in the campaign?

A: Yes and no. Yes, you may encounter these unique weapons during the course of the campaign. However, owning these products does not allow you to use them. They might become available to you in the course of the campaign, through an LR. In those cases, to use the item, you will be expected to have a copy of the appropriate pdf.

Q: Do you use Paizo’s erratas?

A: Yes, the campaign uses the Pathfinder RPG rules and the errata is considered to be part of the core rules.

Q: Do you use rulings from Paizo’s forums?

A: No.

Writing for the Campaign

Q: Can I write material for the campaign?

A: Yes, we are constantly looking for quality new author. Contact us at

Q: What type of adventure are you looking for?

A: We are looking for any type of adventure: dungeon crawls, exploration, investigative, combat-heavy, social-heavy. Send us an idea!

NeoExodus Campaign Setting Errata

The following errata are applicable for the Legacies campaign only.

Gevet (female): gevet females without the ability to cast cure spells, gain the ability to cast cure light wound as a spell-like ability once per day, using their level as their caster level.

Gevet (male): all gevet males have 1d6 of sneak attack, even if they do not have levels that grant them that ability.

Kalisan: All kalisans have darkvision 60ft.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Menoth: Feora

Getting (almost) to the end of the Menoth mega-lot.

Feora is a warcaster and a definite focal point. I debated whether to paint some flames on her and decided not to. As I look at her now, I feel I should've... Then again I really do like the clean color.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FOE: Writing updates

It's been a while since I posted an update on the many writing projects I am involved with and things you can expect from FOE.

First Ones Entertainment/ Legacies

As of right now, we are working off two drafts for the Origins adventures and working our way up to building the interactive itself. It will be offered at PaizoCon and Origins, and maybe others (I am thinking Fandom Fest here is Louisville, but the jury is still out).

Both of those adventures deal with Sametia. Also, for the first time, one of the adventures will be a direct tie-in to the interactive. This means that ideally you get to play them back-to-back for the full experience. Don't worry, if you don't do so, then you aren't lost, but the whole story comes to life.

First Ones Entertainment/ Art

I have commissioned a couple of art pieces from someone who is doing some awesome work! Here is a preview of someone we call "Jawbreaker". She is a female enuka barbarian.

First Ones Entertainment/ Big new project

I have begun putting down the basis of a new writing project I am working with a number of other people. This is gonna be something big that is unlikely to come together in the next few days. You will see more of this new "Secret Project X" updates in the coming months. Right now, I am still getting some initial feedback on an rough draft.

The best elements of Planescape, Ravenloft, NeoExodus, and other bits and bobs combined. Something big this way comes...

First Ones Entertainment/ Small projects

I am working on a number of small projects for FOE. One of those I started working on and it keeps ballooning. Requirement creep you say? Yes.

I am also working on the Gladiator mini game re-issue I mentioned yesterday in my post about gladiators.

Witch Hunter RPG

Yes, I know! I know! I'm lagging WAYYY behind on getting this done. I'm still working on it. It is nearly to the point where it can be play-tested.

LPJ Design

I am not currently involved with any project with LPJ Design. This might change in the future.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gladiator Tuesdays: Hoplomachii Part 1

A few weeks ago, I won a lot of more than twenty or so gladiators. Originally I was planning to use them in a game that would serve as a revitalized version of the Gladiator rules I created almost fifteen years ago. The FOTOG (Fall of the Ohio Gamers) group was to run a game day early in April.

I have been thinking about that little rule set and how easy it was to play it with kids 7 through 12. It might be make for a great future release for FOE... Ha! possibilities!

These four are the first of a series of gladiator-related posts. I hope to have the rule touched by the end of the series... At least until I run out of post for a weekly series.

They are equipped as hoplomachus, with the round shields, helmet and sword. The hoplomachus was inspired by the greek hoplites.

For these models, I realized that I did not have shields for all of them, so I dug into the bitz box.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Minion Monday: Farrow Bone Grinders

If you read my battle report from yesterday, you have already learned of my Farrow Bone Grinders. I started on them with flesh tones but finished them with a definite pink hue. A simple color for the clothing and we have pigs! And a happy daughter.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sorscha vs. Karver a Battle Report with the kids

Today, I offered the kids a chance to play with some minis. They were all excited. By the time I had some terrain ready, 17 point forces together and gone over the rules (about 20mins total), a friend came to the door and one was gone. Leaving Kitty, ActionMan and myself to play.

Kitty was really excited to play with her pink minis while ActionMan and I took over Jojo's Lord Carver force.

The Pictures came out pretty bad, so I kept them small.

Sorscha's Army (Kitty)

3x Manowar infantry

Lord Carver's Army (Jojo)

Lord Carver, BBMB, Esq. III
War Hog
2x Gun Boar (not fully painted)
6x Farrow Bonegrinders
Lanyssa Ryssyl (not legal, I know but she wanted a girl)

The Action

With ActionMan in charge, the farrow surged forward behind the big pigs. Kitty replied by surging forward with her jacks on her right flank. Though the gun boars got the first shots off, they failed to damage the big jacks. The destroyer's guns hurt the gun boar, but failed to take it down.

The second turn saw ActionMan leave to pursue more active pursuits (including a monster truck). Carver's turn saw ineffective shooting from the gun boars, including one shot at Sorscha (which amounted to nothing). The War Hog tried to charge the destroyer, but the charge failed. Lanyssa moved to the side of the manowar to try and force Kitty's hand and leave the farrow in the center. Kitty wasted no time, destroying the gun boar with the juggernaut and maiming the war hog with the destroyer in hand to hand. Her manowar charged the bone grinders and killed two. She also charged Sorscha to try and take out Lanyssa, leaving the juggernaut just out of reach.

The third turn was an all-or-nothing for me. The gun boar and the war hog went berserk on me. I killed one of the manowar, my berzerk war hog damaged the destroyer but failed to seriously dent it. Kitty destroyed the war hog but failed to kill the gun boar. The juggernaut moved back into Sorscha's control again.

My fourth turn left me with little choice. Lord Carver charged Sorscha. I threw everything I had at her and just barely managed to kill her, last fury, last attack.

All I had left was a seriously damaged gun boar, 4/6 bone grinders and Lord Carver... It was the only chance I had to win it or I was getting tabled.

By a 7 years old. I'm so doomed.

Here is an overhead shot of the situation at the end of the game. You can see the 2 heavy jacks ready to shred whatever I had left. I really pulled this out of my rear end. However, Kitty was quite happy with the performance of her army. She will no doubt want to play some more. Those Khador monsters are TOUGH. Sheesh. I usually faced them with mercenaries or the Legion, never with minions before (especially a small number of point army). How I missed Taryn...

It was a good way to get Kitty to practice her math while playing a game. To keep the rules simpler, we did not use any caster magic or feat. The goal was for the girls to learn the game and do some math.

My Indian village really caused the kids to wonder whose village it was. I had to explain to them that whoever won kept the village. That was something quite complex for them to understand.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

This day is wrecked

Yup I'm working all day this Saturday. It is a release night/weekend. So in a way, I won't have much of a weekend. Though after the sickness I've had this week, I need to catch up on some work. Turns out as I woke up this morning that everything is done and that I won't be needed today.

Part of the Menoth mega-lot had to be sacrificed. It was inevitable. One of them had to die. I just could not bring myself to paint another one. So I introduced him to the saw!

I chopped the model in a diagonal way to generate more pieces of wreckage. From that one jack, came three unique templates. I like them. Really seems like a truly destroyed jack.

Helping my decision was the lack of a head for that warjack (and you thought I merely planned to destroy a model without a good reason...)



Friday, April 4, 2014

Mercenaries: A converted Renegade

This mini is the one that gave me the original idea to create for the Magnus army. I was never able to find a true renegade, so I built myself one!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Pathfinder Goblin submission

An interesting story... I was looking at the offerings in the "Looking For Group" section of Roll20. One GM was offering the Jade Regent AP. I was immediately intrigued and interested. I clicked and saw that as a prerequisite to join the game you had to submit him a goblin character idea.

Not a series of stats, but a character background and the inevitable goblin dancing and party song!

How could I resist this enticing offer. So I immediately went about creating my goblin. So here he is, Zarg the goblin:

Zarg is a curious goblin, weak and frail. He always gets himself into trouble because he keeps putting his nose where it does not belong: the chief's tent, the discarded food pile, humantown. He likes to gnaw on things.

One night, he managed to get inside that curio shop in humantown. He randomly tasted things, push them to hear the noise they make when they crashed so he could watch them break. Then he saw the book. He knew that words steal your mind, but what if he ate the book? He decided he would show the book that he could master it. So he began eating the words, even as they glowed. Then he fell sick and he passed out.

(I built two version of Zarg using HeroLab, one where he is a Blackblade Magus and one where he is a witch).

Magus: When he woke up, he stumbled around the shop, until he found the black sword under the counter. The sword talked to him. At first he did not understand the sword, but after a while, it began to tell him about how he could get to see more fun things.

Witch: He woke up to find a rat gnawing on his toes. When he tried to shoo it, the rat began to berate him about being so weak. Zarg was surprised that the rat, who said his name was Bitor, could teach him things. And he did.

What do you think of the background?

Oh! yes, you want to see the song

Zarg will sing and Zarg will dance
Things go pow and things go splash!
Looking here and look in there
Zarg eat words and things go crash!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

700 posts!

It has been a almost four years since I started this blog to post some of my thoughts about gaming. I posted about writing, playing, painting and occasionally rant about a lot of things. I have been trying not to post more than once a day in an effort to keep my posts specific and interesting.

It seemed just like yesterday that I was "Finally Blogging". It was the summer of 2009 when I wrote my goals for this blog: "This blog will include entries and rants about things I like, things I dislike and what I'm doing these days." And so far, I think I delivered what I promised: opinions, ideas, and the occasional solution to the problems I saw in game systems, adventures, and organized play.

In so many ways, this blog has been both an addiction and a way to express myself. One thing about writing the way I do: it forces you to think about what you want to say. By only allowing myself a single post a day, I can: first write ahead of time and gradually post, or write and post it immediately. The former, I generally do for miniatures while the latter requires me to ask myself "is this really what I want to say?" and "do I have something better to say?"

Entire posts were axed by that uncompromising editorial dictate. A number of posts remained for extended periods in "draft" as I could not find myself to refine my position, or because I was trying to think of different ways to do things. (I have nine such posts in my draft folder right now)

I know others have differing views, but this is how I chose to run my blog. Thank you to all my readers, for the encouragements and thoughts you have shared with me over those 700 posts.



Monday, March 31, 2014

Minion Monday: The Thrullg pink hunter of death

This big monster came in a package of minions. I asked my girls about which color to use: either a green camouflage or purplish.

So is now purplish-pink.