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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Does Herolab module help sales?

I have been toying with the creation of a HeroLab extension for the next two Gostor releases: Gostor Amazon and Gostor Seishin. This is to try and see if the investment of time and energy into creating this is worth it. As I have limited time, I have a "mostly" working Saggakar supplement that allows me to generate stat basic blocks that I must then re-tweak (sometime a lot) to come up with something useful.

But these, I want to be different. I want them to be the basic of something good, something solid.

Would having a HeroLab extension for FOE make you more likely, less likely, or equally likely to buy the product? That's a question I really am asking myself.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

[Troll Tuesday] The Mountain King rumbles on

More from the Facebook mega-lot! A hulking troll in the form of the Mountain King!!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

[Cryx Monday] A new Skarre for 2017

The Facebook mega-lot continues! Here is another Skarre-1 from it. The Pirate Queen is a model I painted a few times before, represented below how I did her in 2014, 2013, and 2012!

This latest one got the pale white skin I gave to the Satyxis raiders from the same lot. She was done to fit in with the raiders. I really like this model for its simplicity and clean, effective lines.

Which one do you prefer?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Writing, art, adventure, miniatures all in one massive update

With Rhym being almost complete (I'm waiting on national maps), it is now time to look ahead at my next list of projects.

Next up is Lexicon in Lexington KY. I have one adventure for Saggakar I need to finish for that.

Then Nashcon where I have to finish a number of pieces of terrain, a veritable army of conquistadores. With all the minis done and completed, I will work on the actual scenarios using my own set of rules, Mecha Battles. The conquistadores will be a single battle royal scenario while Gundam will be a few short "episodes" meant to be played in rapid succession, I plan to have a big end game.

I have been working with some new artists, like Eva who did this portrait of Corfell Treeshadow, the high priest of Keron in the ArchDespotate. Corfell is a half-elf which is described as an effeminate man with his left eye completely black, Alice Cooper-style... I think she got it right. I am expecting more art from her in the coming days.

What next products can you expect to see from FOE?

Rhym Campaign Setting I plan to have this one done in time for Origins! With the 5e version done, next will be a Pathfinder version!

Gostor: Amazon features a new race for Pathfinder and 5e. As I have been playing with it over and over, I keep adding a few things here and there. This will be something to add to your campaign. Something to add without completely changing your setting.

Gostor: Seishin Another race to plug into your campaign. I have been putting ideas and notes together for this one. Seishin are spirit-people that form strong bonds with a particular place. This one will be similar to the Amazon book.

I am working on a pair of projects: one is a superhero adventure set in Nashville that really is irreverent. I've no name for it yet, but I've been playing around with the idea for these character. This could become a series of one-shots, maybe sell them or not. I will definitely have fun with it. I sent an art request for it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] Evil Voldemort and his posse

And finally the final goodies of this batch.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] Voldemort's Nameless

Good Voldemort with his cadre of nameless!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Voldemort is back

Harry Potter fans will find this one to their liking. It is a pair of Voldemort for Will's ArcadiaQuest! One is a "good guy" with the blue robe and an "evil one" with the black robe! The pic makes it hard to see, but the skin color is different. The good one has a rosy skin while the bad one is all white. Cool dudes...

Tomorrow, he is joined by his buddies...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ethereal Horrors

With the recent release of Gostor: Etheral Horrors, I had to create some minis to go with them. Turns out I have the perfect minis - thanks to Reaper Bones - in my bag o minis! Here are the ethereal scarabs and the ethereal hulk.

Fitting their background, I put them on a grey dirt background (which some of you will recognize as the same effect I do for Will's ArcadiaQuest, just don't tell).

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Doctor Who is back today!

Today, amid the madness that is the NHL hockey playoffs (Go! Habs! Go!) we also get the added treat of getting a new season of Doctor Who (and thank GOD Moffat's final season as the show-runner). I think this image is appropriate for today... I don't think I will use them for the Doctor Who minis game... rather they will become table decoration for Frostgrave.

Friday, April 14, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] Friday of the Dead

The first foursome of this batch are a group of four ghosts: two male and two female ghosts.

For these guys, I went a little rogue and I hope Will will like them. Originally, I planned to paint all the ghosts with a blue tunic/gown. However as I was working on another one of the minis, a drop of purple fell upon it. I then quickly watered it down. The effect really looked good, but I made the color lighter, more pinkish. The guys I kept blue.

The red eyes with white pupils make them look unnatural IMO. These guys were fun to paint.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] The Heartless... From Heart

Another fun one... this gal was inspired by Ann Wilson from the band Heart, a group I really enjoyed listening to over the years. There is a good (red) and a bad version (black).

This one is call "The Heartless". I hope she's never never out of control. As a special touch, I added glitter to her eye shadow. She is pretty cool.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] Cthulhu Twins

More from Will's lot... here comes... CTHULHU!!! Everyone's favorite Great Old One! The Dreamer in R'lyeh!

These guys were an interesting pair. Will wanted one green-skinned and one with pinkish skin. I think the "good" Cthulhu came out more purple than pink. He is actually the color of the dark one's pink spots. An interesting pair for sure!

[Review] Gundam 8th MS Strike Team

This short series deals presents us with a small team of Mobile Suit pilots as they fight Zeon in Asia. This one had me giggling with glee as it was set in the Universal Century, during the One-Year War, and had decent reviews elsewhere. I am a fan of short, limited series where we focus on the essential elements of the plot rather than endless fluff.

As is typical in UC Gundam, we are presented with this new up-and-comer pilot thrust into the thick of things right at the start, given command of a team of ragtag mobile suits.

The opening has a really cool scene where the two protagonists: Shiro and Aina meet when Shiro flies out to face off a Zeon Zaku in a space bubble (a unit designed to transport things and perform repairs). The take each other out, meet in space outside their MS and enjoy a brief moment. The scene was filled with action and made the tender moment between the two much more believable as they expected to die in space.

The episodes are combat intensive and we are introduced to some local bandits/ freedom fighters, follow the story of the Reaper, a team member whose teammates have the unfortunate habit of not coming back. The NCO's down-to-earth common sense clashing with Shiro's aggressive and wild tactics. Shiro and Aina's ultimate reunion is timed right.

The final is not as great as the rest of the story. It felt more than a little cliche, bringing an "okay" ending to a great story.

Story: This is perhaps the best Gundam serial I have seen in a long time. The series hits the tropes, with one being able to see both sides as justified in their actions, both sides being in the wrong. I do like that we are given some insight into other theaters of the war, beyond the Asian focus, namely the Odessa theater. I would give this a 4/5.

Characters: Perhaps a little cliche, but in a short time, they manage to make the cast feel interesting with each of them having one or two quirks without overpowerfing the story. A strong point of this I'd give them a 4/5.

Animation: The animation was "fine" I don't really have anything bad to say about it. 4/5

Overall: Overall, this is a solid series fans of Gundam will want to watch. I think it is approachable enough for a new viewer to get into the universe. 4/5, a very enjoyable series.

Monday, April 10, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] The Monster is loose!!!

The first of the next batch fro Will's ArcadiaQuest collection... Frankenstein's monster! I really enjoyed this guy as he does not quite look alive.

Conglomeration 2017 AAR Part 2: Good, Bad, and the highlights

If you missed it, go check out Part 1

The Good

Conglomeration is a convention that feels rather laid back and relaxed. Its feel is one I would describe as "lazy southern". Do not take this as a pejorative, "it's a southern thing" for those of you not in the South... I would describe this as a laid-back, friendly, get together with your friends you haven't seen or talked to in a while.

Our Rhym setting was well-received by those who came to play with us. This was something that caused me the most worry, after all JD and I were both into Rhym, understanding all its intricacies, and we managed to pass on some of the knowledge of them. The bigger concepts did not prevent game play and added a touch of flavor.

Dove-tailing on the previous point, FOE ran something in every slot, even if we had to shuffle a few things.

There were a lot of games offered: From FOE's own Rhym and Saggakar games to PFS, to Randy's 2KG material, but also a number of interesting games: Call of Cthulhu (there were quite a few of those), and CCGs and board games. I must say that attendees had the burden of choice, with many options.

One of the things I am extremely encouraged was that the gaming room folk did solicit input and ideas to improve next year. I must say this is always good to see and forces people to sit back and think about what's good, what needs improvement, and what sucks. In a way, this second post was the result of this call for input and insight. Kuddos to the gaming team: Chuck and Derek. Already, they mention a few things to help out.

The Improvable

For me, the biggest issue (and I told the organizers many MANY times) was the lack of firm game slots. Formalizing some of that would help, if only for marshaling and using available to complete tables.

I will take an example of Saturday morning. Randy had a table scheduled to start at 8AM. He showed up, saw there was no one, and he left (for breakfast or sleep, I don't know). My own games were scheduled to start at 9AM. I had no sign ups for that first slot. I chose to sit and write some stuff for a future Saggakar product. Chad and the PFS crew were scheduled to start at 10AM, where only a few people showed. They ended up completing their table with other PFS GMs (I was offered a seat but declined to play as it was a game using PFS pregens). I reorganized things and managed to start a table of six players at 11AM. Now if all three of these had a slot start, I'll take 9AM as a middle point. This would mean that at that time, there would have been four-five GMs on-site we could've pulled and argued to run a game and use a more formal marshaling system.

Another thing to look into: games that were announced and planned before the con should be given priority over the off-the-cuff games, "I wanna run this game right now"-type events. It is annoying to plan out games only to see players head off to play with someone who just showed up and throws something haphazardly. Why did I bother to send in a schedule if my games will be promoted as much as those who did not?

I have a number of other tiny issues: the cost of entry (it's not bad, but could be better, no kids' badges), the con suite (people can bring their own food), and to formalize things a little more: have the panels and gaming run at the same time, not in competing slots. Perhaps splitting the events into RPGs/Minis/CCG/Board Games to channel people into the overall type of game they are most likely to play. Where these are located in the room is fine.

The Random Highlight

It is always fun to argue with Chad about what I dislike about PFS. I get a good talking to and he gets snarky comments back. Always fun. Oh yeah, and he flipped me and 5e off too. Gotta love 'im.

I love my former "Work Husband" Derek (long story, but a true one). Hehehe now watch that rumor mill run. He runs around like a madman to ensure that we, the gamers, get to remain spoiled! He works non-stop, round the clock during the con without rest, and does it with a reassuring and friendly smile on his face. Big shout-out to you brother for your kind answers to my dumb questions throughout the year, for your support to my events, and to my on-site requests for printing to changing tables.

I really liked to play with JD in Rhym as it was a very unique delight, similar to the time I played in a Legacies game back in Denver...

I got to meet many people I interact with regularly (Chad, Derek, JD, Randy) but also got to chat with some I see at Conglo: Derek-M, Archie, Matt M, Chuck, Jake, and I forget many more. I really enjoy Conglomeration for that. I got to chat a little with all of these guys during the con which was made possible by the "lazy southern" atmosphere of the con...


At the end of every con, I must ask myself what I really thought about the event. I enjoyed myself, the hiccups were mild annoyances that invariably led to a positive outcome, so I was happy with that.

I am very encouraged by the gaming team to do some changes and improve how the game room flows and runs and will anxiously (read: I will bother Derek about it through the year) wait for details of decisions and plans.

Therefore, I do plan to be back next year. I really have a sweet spot for the Louisville gaming scene. These guys have been very nice and welcoming to me from the moment I arrived in 2013 to this day.