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Friday, May 1, 2015

Legacies: What now

After yesterday's announcement, there seems to be a fair amount of confusion regarding the future of the Legacies Campaign. The first thing is that its official name has been changed to "Legacies Organized Play By First Ones Entertainment" instead of "NeoExodus Legacies".

The campaign itself is not dead, stopped, or ending. In fact, Steven-M will be running a table of it at CanGames in Ottawa tomorrow (Saturday morning). And I am still running the adventures I committed to run at Origins. Gencon will not see any Legacies events set in NeoExodus: all the adventures there will be set in Secret Project X.

However, no *NEW* material set in NeoExodus will come out. The plots will simply stop. I know many were getting to be pretty cool:

What does this mean for *MY* character?

All current characters, LRs, special certs, that were issued by the campaign remain legal and valid. I will be posting a few extra goodies detailing the in-game reason. The seeds of this were already planted in the campaign (usually to expletives of "OH NO! That's what she's doing! The B***H!"). It would have been awesome to be able to have the storyline run so completely differently on two sides - and have you the players be... ON BOTH SIDES! I was getting really excited for the Yr 5...

In short: you will continue to be able to play your character in the campaign.

When will the new rules be available?

"Soon" until then, use the same campaign guideline published by LPJ Design. The new one will introduce new concepts, but still be pretty similar: what we had before was good.

Will any of the NPCs continue on through the campaign?

Yes. Some of them will re-appear. I won't say which ones just yet, but there have always been plans for this.

What about those adventures I purchased?

Those adventures are still yours to keep (obviously). If you wish to run them to your friends, albeit using the new guide, the Legacies campaign will still recognize these adventures and your play experience. We will no longer be able to provide you with anything that has a NeoExodus or LPJ Design Logo

What other changes do you foresee?

Well... Not much to be honest. I plan to revamp the LRs to simplify them some.

Factions: I plan to lower their number from 6 down to 4 or 5. Right now I have 4 baked into the new iconics. These factions are much "darker" than the greyness of the NeoExodus ones. I will be posting about them shortly.

What about the current storylines? What did you see happening?

They are stopped and won't have any new elements to them.

I will post something of a "this is where this thread was going" post next week. To be honest: I started doing so here and the

I want to be involved!

Great! I want you involved. I need people to do little of everything: editing, writers, GMs, play-testers... I need help to get all of this done. Just get in touch with me. We've got a great big world ahead of us... And this is where we take those first steps into it together.

It is an exciting time. I'm excited about it.


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