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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Meet the Iconics: Jaw-Breaker the Barbarian

With the upcoming release of Secret Project X, I thought it would be a good thing to introduce to you the new iconic characters that will replace the previous ones.

The first of the iconic is someone people may recognize from Dousing Fire With Blood. She is the Anuka barbarian, Jaw-Breaker. Jaw-Breaker is a warrior and a hunter for her people, in game term. She has a strong instinct for pursuit and rarely lets her prey escape her. She is a typical alpha female of her race: she perceives herself as a leader and as the one in charge. Others usually humor her, since this often means sending her first into combat. She does not understand why the others are so subservient, but she accepts their deference as a sign that she is right.

Playing Jaw-Breaker is straightforward. She is a combat machine looking to beat things and people up. She is an anuka barbarian. However, to call her a killing machine is far from accurate. Jaw-Breaker is firmly devoted to doing good in the world and improving the lot of the downtrodden.

Anukas a simian-minotaur creatures that adapt to their environment, making them into apex predators wherever they live. Not very bright, they are nonetheless cunning and powerful.

Jaw-Breaker is a large female anuka. As such, she considers herself the alpha and the leader of any group she joins. She is very protective of “her” people. She challenges females she does not know by pounding her chest and grunting menacingly. A male doing the same signifies his willingness to mate.

She is a veteran soldier and though not overly bright, has a lot of experience and has a decent tactical mind.

Throughout the week, I will introduce the new iconics, complete with Irene and James-H's awesome art pieces for these characters. I will have those fellows available at Origins and Gencon. They may also make surprise appearances elsewhere.


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