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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worse than scum!

Today is the official release of Enemies of NeoExodus: The First Ones. A book I spent a lot of time on thinking about them. From the start they were already quite flavorful and plain old nasty. But I wanted them to be scary. Its one thing to write how scare and dangerous a monster is, but until they are WRITTEN and statted to be scary. I am looking forward to seeing what people think about them.

My favorite quote comes from Linda, my editor. As we talked about them, I asked her if she would like me to run her through an adventure that featured the First Ones. Her answer was "Oh no! They are too scary!".

Music to my ears!

Later, I asked her if she would like me to modify "Encounter at Ramat Bridge" to include them, again she declined. Then I told her I would modify the script and put a large number of encounter featuring the Scythians, the Exodites and the Khaynites, just for her. She laughed and said I would not do that because I wanted to play-test my adventure.

You know what... I hate women. I really do. I hate them. If you are a woman, I hate you. You are just SO FRIKKIN good at reading my mind! Even over social media. Whether it's my wife, my daughters (yes, I have TWO), my mother, Linda, D'Anne or pretty much any one of you!

[Rants off maniacally into the distance about why we guys are all dumb asses]

Anyway, the First Ones is now available right here RPG Now


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