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Monday, May 16, 2011

More Commissions to come!

Just a quick update... I have a received a number of commission to do this month. I currently have a base coat on all those minis and will be magic-dipping them either tonight or tomorrow...

The first is Kevin French's future halfling wizard. To say that Kevin and I have a long history is a euphemism. From almost coming to blows to spending 15 hours in a car ride from Denver to Wisconsin, many miles and hours have turned us into good friends.

Next is a Shalelu the elf ranger from the Pathfinder range for Alyssa. I am always amazed at the ease with which the Pathfinder range paints up. The lines are crisp, clean and just paint up so easily. I was asked quite simple to make her blonde, and to "surprise" her. Sounds much easier. though I think what I have thought she will like.

Next is a warrior based off of Rovag the Knight. The request for the paint was "red armor with gold trim". So I immediately thought about the warriors of Khorne in Warhammer. The question that remains is "what red to use"? GW's Blood Red would be too flashy, Red Gore is a tad deeper but still he is not a warrior of Khorne, so I went for the darker Scab Red which I enjoy quite a lot as it gives a rich color and a more "natural" red for clothes (unless you are painting red coats or piping, I prefer a darker red). That one was set. Excellent.

My final commission, was perhaps the most complex. Based on the half-elf rogue. My client had some specific requirements. Nothing over the top (black cloak, white fur brown gloves and boots). The toughest thing is to paint last areas of black. For some unknown reason, I have a strong aversion to painting black on large surfaces (such as a cloak), so I'm planning on cheating and come up with a dark blue color... Blue is nicer and creates a much richer color than black.

The last mini I am working on it not a commission. Rather it is the first iconic for NeoExodus, a female P'Tan based on Reapers' cat girl.

So here is a quick update and preview of what I'm working on.

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