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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PaizoCon Joy!

Yesterday, the auction for PaizoCon events ended, and as you know my NeoExodus adventure "Encounter at Ramat Bridge" was on the ticket (see this previous post). I'll admit that I was quite nervous about sign ups. I mean this is the first public NeoExodus event that I know of and I did not know how it would be received by the gaming community.

So this morning before work, I hit the Paizo site to check up on sign-ups. WOW! 6/6 players. This made my (still young) day! I mean, yes I had coffee, but good news like that really lifted my spirit. I could prance around with joy (and make my "realwork" coworkers flee in terror). Yeah. Nothing worse than a fat guy jiggling with joy...

Since I'm feeling so happy, I thought I'd share with you all the preliminary cover Louis designed for the NeoExodus Adventure line. I was very keen on bringing back the NeoExodus logo (I like it) while keeping the format of the more recent PDF, which is the blue band in the background and have the title of the adventure prominently displayed.

I'll admit the addition of the art in the band is a touch I really like. The sew-up lady freaks me out. A lot. I love it! She is just... eeeh. What do you think of the cover?

This morning I talked to my old partner in crime, D'Anne Rooney (of the now-defunct County of Urnst triad, telling her how exciting it was to have a product premiere at a convention). This is going to be the first "real" premiere of a product (non-play-test and non-preview) I've written since URC8-05 Witches of Pikemaster back in May of 2008! So so long ago...

Some might point out that I did have some LFR adventures... but those didn't count. They were not released at a major event, they were just released. Enough 4e talk, this is about good news.

Based on feedback of this coming Monday's play-test, I may offer one slot of it for Tacticon on Labor Day Weekend. I'm pretty confident but that's why I engage in frantic and deliberate play-tests, to make sure my confidence level is bolted.

Good times.

HEY WAIT A MINUTE! Now I have to: Finish painting minis (4 to go), finish the iconics (2 to go) and just get everything complete!

AAAAAARGH! (changes title to PaizoCon Panic)

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