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Monday, May 2, 2011

Doctor Who: Prequel and upcoming game...

I am really into this new Doctor Who series and the 11th Doctor. Though at first, I didn't really know what to make of him, him and his companions (the lovely Amy Pond and her husband “mister Pond”/Rory). The relations between the three of them really adds to the interest and fun of the series. Since the 2005 reboot of the series, the Doctor's companions have really become more than eye candy and have become characters of interest.

A few months back, I began to watch the old series, starting with some of the episodes I believed were most interesting (the Dalek and Cybermen episodes). Having done all of that, I went back and began to watch all of the original series. At the time of this, I'm watched all of Hartnell through Tom Baker (I am currently watching “Seeds of Doom” as I write this).

So far we're two episodes into the new season, and I'm hooked. Though I did find the defeat of the creatures to be something of a let-down (it was fun to set up, but for creatures that were as well entrenched... they got their butts kicked very easily). Still a lot of cross-story and story arc advancement.

Why am I writing this? Other than to encourage you all to watch Doctor Who? Because I will be running another episode of Doctor Who during the next City Wide Game Event on the 21st of May at Gamers' Haven here in Colorado Springs (Warhorn Site for pre-registrations). I had a number of interesting story elements but these latest episodes are really getting me excited and I might pull of a good ol' switcheroo before the game begins!

Using the 11th Doctor is a problem as I was thinking of using either the First or Second Doctor in the story... But now I'm thinking about a few plots using Matt Smith and the current crew...


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  1. Have definitely liked the last 3 incarnations and would enjoy playing or gaming the good doctor.