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Monday, May 9, 2011

PaizoCon: I'm on the lottery!!!

For those who are heading to PaizoCon, one of my creations, NeoExodus: Encounter at Ramat Bridge is on the ticket! For a moment it was jeopardized because of issues at Louis' home, but I after a chat (where Louis managed to stay awake in spite of the late hour), the decision was clear: we wanted "Ramat Bridge" to be run - I worked hard enough on it!

Designed for both NeoExodus fan and newcomers to the campaign, the adventure has action, story and more than one opportunity to role-play. Drawing material from a number of new (and some yet-unreleased) NeoExodus products, the adventure aims at introducing the campaign and some of its major players.

Now I need to get it playtested and the NeoExodus iconics built (we'll use the iconics for the game).

PaizoCon Link I'll be your host and GM for the event!

As an added bonus, participants at PaizoCon will get to decide some story elements of NeoExodus that will be reflected in future products of the NeoExodus line! Yes... not only do you get to play a fun adventure set in NeoExodus, but you also get to influence the WORLD.


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