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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[NeoExodus] Order of Kaga released!

The Order of Kaga was formed during the dark days of the First Ones’ rule. The Kaga (or simply Kaga) was created when mankind’s brightest minds united into a unique feat of arcane magic. They created a massive ritual that included more than a thousand arcane spell casters. The secret of combining their energy together is something the brightest minds have since tried to understand and recreate without success. Many believe that some great divine magic was used. Others believe that Kaga achieved godhood through the ritual. Others believe Kaga is just a front for some shadow organization.

This magical union gave mankind and its fellow slaves under First One domination an unexpected edge. Like a God-Emperor, Kaga led the rebellion in a series of apocalyptic battles that ended with the crushing of the First Ones’ bases on Exodus. The Kaga is a large repository of knowledge and at times in the past has provided mankind with information and wisdom to make the world a better and more stable place. The Kaga appears as a man made of arcane energy, looking like a red and silver human. “Priests” of Kaga do not draw their power from divine source, but from an arcane source that mimics divine powers.

Another book I did for LPJ Design has been released! It includes a full write up of the history of the Kaga's "religion", two new prestige classes, new archetypes, new spells, new feats, new magic items, new magic tomes, a new monster, adventure seeds, in short this one has a little of everything!

That book includes some very interesting twists on some classic theme. For example, every cleric of Kaga must belong to the archetype included in this book. This makes them clerics but arcane casters instead of divine.

Perhaps one of the coolest aspect of the book is the art. Louis is known for producing books with great art. Order of Kaga is not an exception! I just *LOVE* the art in there.

I really liked to work on that book as ideas for it just flowed and flowed. Built upon the work by RPG great Owen Stephens, this redesign and expansion of the previous book took the original work (which I'll admit I found a tad dry) and really tried to turn this book into a supplement to be used by both GMs and players, rather than "just" a straight background book. I took pains to focus on the "how to use this book" in your campaign.

I will admit that as I wrote it, I kept thinking how can I use this in an adventure?, a mantra I've been repeating to Louis for months now. Just non-stop. When I pick up a sourcebook, I want to know how I can use the content in an adventure or a campaign. This book provides that. A GM should be able to add the content quickly and get ideas. Players should also find a lot of good stuff for their character (particularly if they "worship" the Kaga).

Buy it at RPGNow: Click Here (includes a preview of the art I mentioned)

Additional details on Louis' Blog


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