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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

[Commission] Two ArcadiaQuest Dracula

I will admit having mixed feelings about these two guys... They are ArcadiaQuest's Dracula look-alike. Like the Vampire Ladies I posted earlier this week, there is a good and an evil version of him.

My biggest issue with these dudes? That odd hat/crown they wear, with some strange bulb-like growth. I'm not quite sure what it should be. I really would've preferred to find wild hair with a diadem than that. The rest of the sculpt is fine, but to me those things... I painted one with a white base color and another one with black.

Like the Vampire Ladies, I used a different color to complete the skin. Without that head-blob, this could easily be one of my favorite model (not as awesome as Brian Blessed as MP's King Arthur, but pretty good).

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