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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[Commission] The Dragon and the Frog

A new batch of goodies for Will. This set is part of another group he asked me to do for him. This set is the final of the models from the basic game. Next up will be first expansion, something about undead... should be a nice change. Though I do find myself a little sad as I really liked those model. Hopefully, I don't find any of these models at Gencon or cheap on Ebay...

So these two guys are Trogdor the Burninator and a frog-dude.

I did not realize it, but Trogdor came out very much like the Retribution models I just painted. I really only noticed that when I was working on the images. I like how it came out a lot. He should be ready to burninate

The sword on the frog really came out great. It looks very good and the effect really came out great.

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