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Sunday, February 19, 2017

[Commission] The Minotaur and the Troll

And the final two guys in this batch of ArcadiaQuest minis are two large-sized monsters: the Minotaur and the Troll.

The Minotaur, I must say, is not one of my favorites, it feels dull and lifeless. I know, you should never say that, but I did not like that guy. Perhaps if I'd gone and painted him with a completely different color scheme? Maybe like a Holstein cow with black and white spots? Maybe, but it would not have made a very good villain. Hilarious, yes. Now he's not bad, the paint job is good, but meh. Un-exciting

The Troll on the other hand is very cool. The skin color was an interesting challenge, seeing how it was not the more typical troll green, but orange. The bad with bones is very a nice addition. Perhaps if the Minotaur had such a bag? Now the pictures make it hard to see, but I have it dirty, as if blood dripped onto it. This guy feels characterful.

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