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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Changing how Legacies Organized Play works

I have been thinking about ways to both improve and simplify the way Legacies work. With the addition of 5e and Pathfinder, trying to find ways to make both work.

As the poll taken last year showed, there is both a will and a desire for both system to be used. I recently submitted my events for Conglomeration, Origins, and Gencon. At all of these conventions will have 5e and Pathfinder events. Which led me to a think... so what if someone who played in one game would like to play in something else, but get to use their character.

So I jostled with a number of options and made decisions.

- First, I removed the faction-related tracking of favor points. From now on, you either get a favor point, or not. If you do not get it, it will be crossed off immediately. Most people did not fill that section anyway and many of the things I planned to use this with just do not work anymore. And I cannot find a time when this would be useful. The story section already fulfills this role.

- Second, since Rhym adventures and products are only produced for 5e, Rhym LRs will be portable to Pathfinder. I want people to who play to apply Legacies credit to their character. So, a player may apply credit from Rhym to apply to a Pathfinder character of a level similar to 5e.
   For example, Rhym-01 Black Sails is written for levels 1-4. Playing it will allow players to apply credit to a Rhym or 5e-Saggakar OR to a Pathfinder level 3 or 4.

I think these changes should diminish the campaign paperwork and give people versatility when approaching the campaign.

What do you think?