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Monday, August 12, 2019

Gencon 2019 AAR Part 5 Fallout from the FOE Specials

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

FOE Special: Battle of Farelis

I mentionned the multi-table special quite a few times, along with a number of pictures.

The story started at Origins, in "Battle of Farelis, Part 1" where adventurers discover the dire situation in Farelis following the capture of the city by the forces of House Faremhi late last in-game year. The situation is not great with a strong rebellious streak. As the PCs travel across Farelis, things are in motion.

Now back to Part 2, which was played at Gencon...

They came through the Mists surrounding Farelis. They came from different worlds, some from the desert, some from the cold of the rain, and some from a tiny island... All of them came to investigate what happened and discovered a city unlike any in their own lands.

After witnessing the odd nature of this place, they witnessed the many strange sights: from the dried-up river port, the nobles estates, or the private quarters where they were attacked by crazed locals and saw ghostly appearances.

They met an odd man that seemed partially solid and partially ghostly. He claimed to be responsible for everything that happened and asked for help.

Taking the PCs to his temple at the Treeshadow Institute, he invited a few people inside as a large group of ghostly shapes huddled outside the entrance, interested in hearing what happened.

Inside the cramped office, a man encased in crystal focused eldritch energies against a wall through which a massive angel appeared frozen in time, an instant before striking a black adamantine gauntlet.

Each group left the Institute heading for the vault in the palace where they encountered a variety of strange people, each with its own view on current events.

When most of the adventurers reached the room where the angel stood frozen in time, its blade a breath away from striking the black gauntlet with a shower of eldritch sparks flying everywhere. Again most groups gathered and discussed what they wanted to do before placing their dimensional stabilizers.

No sooner did they place them that the Vault began to self-destruct, jettison itself out into the void of the Mists. As most of the PCs fled to escape the Mists, a few were swallowed by them and vanished forever.

Fallout The Hand of Saggakar was taken out of the Vault and taken to different places in the FOEniverse. Next year, I will have two adventures that deal with the fallout of this year. One will be set in Rhym and one will be set in Saggakar... The game left me with a HUGE amount of story material to sift through and order.

FOE Special: Sun Never Sets

I ran a second special, this one on Sunday Morning that saw a full table come to explore the yet-to-be-completed Greek setting. I'll let you know there is much interest in that one too.

Last year, the Peleset sent the inimitable Prince Diogenes to Akhamet. A man of many pleasures and interests, Diogenes made quite an impression upon the Akhameti.

This year, the Akhameti government sent back to them Princess Dedeneke. "Unlike him, she seems pretty normal" the party said.

After a week of sailing, they shipwrecked on an island where they were attacked by local monsters. Eventually, they discovered why the Princess wanted to come to the island. "I've made a terrible mistake!" She called out.

The PCs fought and defeated a horrible creature and allowed the portal to be closed. A dejected Princess ordered everyone to come back to Akhamet where she planned to discuss the situation with her father. And the saga continues...

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